Thursday, 3 September 2015


'Multiple False Awakenings'
Dream date: 2 September 2015

I woke up in my bed. My bedroom appeared as it did when I fell asleep - the light was off, but the door to my bedroom was opening, with the landing light turned on, illuminating my room. My laptop - showing a Youtube video selection page (the one at the end of a video, where it shows related videos) was beside my bed. The video selections appeared to be those which I had seen just before I went to sleep - thumbnails for serial killer and true crime documentaries. I was completely paralysed (sleep paralysis) and realised this was a false awakening. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move a single part of my body. Only my voice worked. I shouted: 'Move!' to try and prompt some movement which would allow me to get out of bed and transform this into a full lucid dream (this is known as the 'OBE-Exit Induction Technique'). I still could not move my body. I forced myself to wake up. I felt very tired.

I tried to fall back asleep, but as soon as I was falling asleep, I felt my body going back into sleep paralysis - vibrating and starting to sink into the bed. I was fighting it, but must have fallen asleep again - because I woke up in another false awakening. I looked around my room - and everything looked normal again. I was worried that because my bedroom door was open (in real-life and the lucid false awakening) that I might have bad thoughts which would trigger some nightmarish event to take place, especially as I had been watching documentaries about serial killers before I went to bed. I screamed: 'Wake up!' and tried to move. I could now just about move my right foot, and I forced myself (with will power) to wake up. 

I tried to fall asleep again, but felt the sleep paralysis start. This was so frustrating. I had my third false awakening. I thought that I should just attempt the OBE-Exit technique, so tried to visualise a dream scene which did not work. I could not move from the sleep paralysis this time. I started calling out: 'Kurt!' because I hoped to invite the Kurt Cobain dream character into a lucid dream again, which would make it more pleasant - especially since my last lucid sex dream with Kurt Cobain (Dream 488) had been cut short. Nothing happened. I tried multiple times, but with no success. I decided to try and wake up. I woke up, but upon falling asleep again, found the sleep paralysis starting almost immediately, which scared me even more as I felt trapped in a cycle.

I had a fourth false awakening - paralysed again and completely unable to move or use my voice. I felt someone/something get into bed with me - on the side of the bed which is closest to the wall. I was terrified of who/what this might be. and woke myself up. I had to check I was fully awake, because this incident was so traumatising, even for me who has experienced natural false awakenings with sleep paralysis and fairly horrific hallucinations and night terrors since I was a small child. It was the fact that they kept occurring in a cycle which I was unable to escape. I decided to just get up and drink some  coffee to wake up as I was too disturbed to try to go back to sleep.

On each occasion that these false awakenings occurred, I was fully lucid and my room looked completely normal - there was nothing odd, bizarre or different, even down to the Youtube screen on my laptop as mentioned above. 

TIME: 19:00 - 23:30 hours (these false awakenings happened right at the end of this sleep cycle)
LUCIDITY: YES - Fully-lucid

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