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'My Hand Got Bitten by a Skull'
Dream date: 16 September 2015

Day 9 of 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Kurt Cobain Dream
This is Day 9 of my 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment. Click on the red link to access the article which explains the experiment and contains all relevant links.

Scene 1:My Bedroom (Lucid False Awakening)
I woke up in my bedroom and it was dark. I was aware that this was a false awakening and I had sleep paralysis. I tried to shake myself and use willpower to get rid of the sleep paralysis, which did work to a degree, but I was completely unable to get out of bed, which might have enabled me to transform the experience into a full lucid dream. I then realised that I could see my chair - which in real-life was beside my bed, as I had been using it to place my laptop in easy viewing distance while I fell asleep. I could no longer see my laptop, and my duvet was obscuring my vision - I was unable to move it down so that I could see more clearly.

Sitting on my chair - only partially visible above the duvet which was covering my face, I could see a dream character - the top of their head. I touched the head and realised that it was a male with short hair, feeling 3-dimensional, solid and realistic. I tried to touch the rest of this dream character's face, as I could hardly see anything. The rest of the face was a skull - bare bone. Suddenly, as my hand travelled down towards the mouth of this skull, it bit my hand very hard - the teeth felt like normal blunt human teeth and I could feel that there was a tongue in the mouth. It didn't hurt so much as clamped down hard, preventing me from moving the bitten hand. I could not remove my hand from the skull's mouth and it was swirling it's wet tongue around which felt disgusting, in addition to the fear I was experiencing, even though I knew this was a dream. I then fell asleep properly.

Scene 2: My Nan's House in Sheringham - Day
I was in my bedroom at my nan's house in Sheringham. PS was with me and he was telling me that Jeremy Corbyn, newly elected Leader of the Labour Party (the Opposition) - a staunch socialist - was running a poll on dualism (the idea that consciousness/mind is separate from the physical brain). I was telling PS that I believe that the consciousness/mind is part of the physical brain because I am an atheist who does not believe in souls or the separation of consciousness from the brain. Everyone in the United Kingdom was going to be asked to state whether they believed in duality or monism. PS then told me that he had to go to university and would see me later. I walked him to the front door to see him out. I was aware that another dream character was present - I cannot recall who this was, but it was a male who I know in real-life. 

While I was standing in the hallway, I was called into the living-room by CJS - PS's mum. She wanted to show me her new hair - which was shoulder-length and dark brown. She was posing and preening and asked me what I thought of the new hairstyle, while looking at herself in the mirror above the gas heater. I said the hair looked nice, but I had to leave as I was expected elsewhere.

Scene 3: Sheringham - Day
I was in the street in Sheringham, standing near the Town Clock in the centre of the high street - and was with various members of my family - my mum, my nan, my cousins JC1 and JC2 - and my aunt (the mother of my cousins) - KC. We were trying to organise a birthday party for JC1 and we were all tasked with getting supplies. I was aware that I had very short hair, with a fine, straight texture. I was wearing my hair in a ponytail and was aware that it lacked volume and was very greasy, which concerned me. I wanted to go home and wash it before JC1's birthday celebrations. I then found myself in a house in Sheringham - although it was neither my nan's house or my mum/stepdad's flat. I do not recognise this house from real-life, but in the dream, it was the house of a family member. We were in a kitchen I think, because there was a large wooden dining table, painted white. Food and drinks were on the table. 

I told my mum that my hair was greasy and my mum produced a large bottle of a special shampoo which she said she had bought to help my hair and remove the oil from it. The shampoo was an exotic fruit scent and bright red. I was grateful that my mum has going to help me sort out my hair. I then noticed that all of my family were assembled in the room ready for the party. I touched my hair and realised it was already clean, without me actually washing it. JC1 was sat at the table - he ate a whole white iced birthday cake in one huge mouthful and everyone cheered.

TIME: 00:30 - 05:50 hours (I do not know when this dream took place, although the false awakening seemed to take place immediately after I fell asleep)
LUCIDITY: YES - Lucid false awakening

Dream Information:
  • None of note

  • The false awakening situation
  • The poll being organised by Jeremy Corbyn
  • CJS in my nan's house
  • My hair was very short and fine in texture
  • My hair was already clean without me washing it - just seeing the shampoo seemed to resolve the problem with the oil/grease
  • JC1 was able to eat a whole family-sized birthday cake in a single mouthful

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • PS as a dream character
  • My nan's house as a dream scene location
  • JC1 as a dream character

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • Jeremy Corbyn has been receiving a lot of media attention - some feel that a strong socialist leader of the Labour Party is the most positive change in British politics (I fall into this category) while those with pro-austerity, right-wing, conservative views have seen his successful election as leader as an extremely negative event
  • The day of this dream I had seen a Facebook friend post a comment asking how many people believed consciousness was separate from the physical brain
  • PS has just started a university course
  • JC1 has just started a university course
  • A few days before this dream my new housemate SH and I were discussing our respective hair textures - SH has short, straight, silky hair, whereas mine is very long, thick and course in texture - we were comparing how often we need to wash our hair. SH said she has to wash her hair everyday to prevent it from being oily, whereas I rarely have to wash my hair as it never gets greasy

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
The lucid false awakening aspect of this dream was very scary - although I was pleased to have some lucidity. There was no clear reference to Kurt Cobain - so this dream does not seem to relate to my dream incubation experiment in any way.

There was no clear connection to my dream incubation experiment.

* I feel that I may have forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I remember anything further about this dream, I will record it below.

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