Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 488 (LUCID DREAM)

'Kurt Cobain Lucid Sex Dream'
Dream date: 30 August 2015 (Afternoon Nap)

Scene 1: A Desert - Day
I was in a hot sandy desert which had high sandy banks and a dusty road. There were some buildings in the distance, so the place was habitable. I was walking with sisters Amber and Harper from the short cult documentary by Michael Lucid Dirty Girls (2000) (Youtube video linked below). Both Amber and Harper had 2 sets of eyebrows - one real and one drawn on. I was treating them as if they were characters from the video-game Sims 3 - and wanted to 'customise' them. In order to 'freeze' them so that I could use the Create-a-Sim mode (which is where you design the appearance of a Sim and add customised clothing, hairstyles and makeup), I had to press on a tattoo each girl had on her wrist. I started with Amber. I kept pressing on her wrist tattoo, but she wouldn't 'freeze' allowing me to change her makeup. The harder I pushed, the more she started to resist, crying and telling me I was hurting her. She collapsed down into an armchair which was by the side of the road/path, still crying. I felt it was too cruel to continue hurting her, so I stopped. 

Scene 2: A Russian Shop - Night
I then went with Amber and Harper to a small shop which was run by a Russian dream character. The shop was painted red. The family members of the Russian man were young male zombies, who could fly. They were vandalising the shop, smashing through walls and destroying the fixtures and fittings. I was not scared. As I watched one of the zombie boys flying into a metal shelving unit, I suddenly became lucid by recognising that this was a dreamsign, although I did not require a reality check to confirm. I noticed a figure sitting on a table, with a duvet on his head. I thought he looked like Kurt Cobain. I said: 'Kurt?' and he replied: 'Yes. Let's fuck'. I had no hesitation in having lucid dream sex with Kurt Cobain! We went upstairs - using a winding staircase which continued for some time. Upstairs, above the shop was a bedroom. I could see that in a set of bunk beds at the bottom of an empty double bed, one of the zombie boys was sleeping in the top bunk. I decided that we should leave him alone, rather than trying to wake him to remove him from the room, as I did not want to waste time and risk losing my lucid dream. Kurt got undressed. He looked as I would expect him to look naked - skinny and pale. His penis was average size and normal in appearance - and erect. I felt sexually aroused and excited! I started to undress myself and Kurt said: 'Your ass looks so sexy!' He started to mount me for sex - and I WOKE UP!

TIME: 17:00 - 18:40 hours (I woke up from this dream!)
LUCIDITY: YES - Fully Lucid. This was a Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD) with no induction technique or reality check. Strong clarity and stability. Approximately 3 minutes duration

The Dirty Girls (2000) documentary by Michael Lucid is a short film about a group of 8th grade girls who attend Santa Monica Crossroads School in California, filmed in 1996. Two sisters, Amber and Harper, lead a group of their peers who are strongly influenced by feminism, Riot Grrrl culture and grunge, which leads to their alienation and teasing by boys and girls in their school (due to their alleged bad hygiene, grunge fashion, political views and self-published fanzines). Kurt Cobain is referenced in the documentary, when Amber relates a story of going to summer camp and being picked on as the girl who hadn't taken a shower 'since Kurt Cobain died'. Courtney Love is also referenced, in regard to an article in the 'Sour Grrrls' fanzine which is being circulated and ridiculed by a number of students who don't understand the contents or feminist perspective of 'the Dirty Girls'.

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