Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 485

'A New Version of IT'
Dream date: 28 August 2015 (Dream #1 of this date)

Scene 1: Sheringham High Street - Day
I was with my nan drinking coffee outside a cafe in Sheringham High Street. It was a sunny day. The cafe was located next to The Robin Hood Pub, where there is a greengrocers and a former bank branch. We were approached by a woman, who I realised was 'Cora Cross' (played by Ann Mitchell) in Eastenders. She started talking to me and my nan and said: 'I'm a Jacobs', which in the dream meant 'I'm a homeless alcoholic' (I could understand what she meant - I believe this is a variation of the Scottish slang for an alcoholic, which is 'jakey'. There was a storyline in Eastenders in which Cora became homeless, although I did not watch this). 

I left my nan and went to Peter's Bookshop. There used to be 2 branches of this small, independent second-hand bookshop (second-hand bookshops are my favourite kind of shop and my nan used to take me to Peter's Bookshop every Saturday when I was a child) - this being the branch on Church Street, which is the street adjacent to the High Street). I visited the branch which used to be situated in the small shopping precinct (indicated in Google Maps image, below) which is now closed down. 'Peter' (the owner) was behind the counter - but the store looked different from either of the two branches. It was almost empty - there were no books. I said to Peter: 'I could sell you some books as stock?' to which he replied he was unable to buy any new stock as he had no income. 

I left the shop and went back onto the High Street. There were 2 more second-hand bookshops (indicated in image). These were just part of the dream - they do not exist in real-life. I went into one which had an outside display. I bought a copy of Stephen King's IT (1986), although the book was slimmer than the real-life version and slightly different in terms of the cover design. The copy I bought had been on the outside display. The shop was owned by an old husband and wife. After I paid for the book, I stopped at one of the shelves, just as I was leaving because there was a number of other books by Stephen King there. The male owner shouted at me: 'You've already bought your book!' and his wife, who was nicer, said: 'You mustn't shout at the customers, she can look if she wants to!' The husband turned to her aggressively and said: 'You're a stupid infertile bitch!' I left the shop, angry at his behaviour. 

A short while later, I returned to the shop. I went upstairs and saw that the husband was there, with a younger female dream character and her baby.The female was seated at a desk and the old man was walking around the shop floor. The female was tall, slim with a black bobbed hairstyle. I was aware that the old man was having an affair with this woman and the child was his. He was saying to his mistress: 'My wife is old and infertile which is why I want to marry you instead'. I have no idea where his wife was at this point. I started talking to the mistress. As I was about to leave, she showed me 2 lipsticks - both mauve/lilac in colour. One was a cheap brand and the other was MAC. Both lipsticks fell on the floor. I picked them up for her and noticed they were practically the same shade. I handed them back, telling her I preferred the MAC version. 

Outside on the High Street, I realised I could see the old woman (the wife of the bookshop owner). She was running down the road in a panic, being chased by a huge red dragon, which looked a bit like a Chinese dragon (note also, in real-life, I had been watching Hannibal, season 3, which follows the storyline of Thomas HarrisRed Dragon (1981) and the movie adaptation, Red Dragon (2002). I was aware that the book I had just purchased - Stephen King's IT was a sequel or re-write of the original, with a new plot. The red dragon was the new guise of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The red dragon chasing the old female bookshop owner down the High Street was part of the storyline of IT -  and I was watching it as if it was a live-action movie. I then experienced the storyline of IT from the perspective (first-person) of the old woman. The dragon (Pennywise) caught up with her and bit off all her fingers from one hand. I felt the pain of this happen. This part of the dream was experienced as a nightmare, and I was scared, but at the same time, knew that the action was me experiencing an enactment of the storyline of the book I had just bought, and I was seeing the action from the point of view of another person, who also happened to be a character in the book - therefore this was not happing to me or my 'dream ego' as such. 

I then stopped experiencing the action as this old woman, and became 'me' again - an observer of events, not a participant in them. The old woman was having surgery to get her fingers sewn back on - however, 'having her fingers sewn back on' was perceived as her having dental implants screwed into her gums! I saw her after the operation with a scarf wrapped around her face. I knew for sure that her husband would leave her for his younger partner.

TIME: 04:00 - 10:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* This is a basic dream report because I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams and I have to upload them in a short space of time, prohibiting a full analysis.

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