Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 486

'A 15/20 Girlfriend'
Dream date: 28 August 2015 (Dream #2 of this date)

Scene 1: Wonderful Patisserie, Colindale, London - Day
I was in the Wonderful Patisserie in Colindale, London. This Chinese establishment was close to PS's home in Edgware and our friends used to visit it, but I have never been in real-life. I was selecting some cakes and noodle dishes.

Scene 2 : University Bar - Day
I was then with the character 'Simon Cooper' from The Inbetweeners - or perhaps it was 'Kingsley Owen' from Fresh Meat as they are both played by the same actor, Joe Thomas. We were in a university student union bar (not my real-life university), with another male dream character, standing at the bar, buying pints of lager. It was Fresher's Week. Simon was telling me that he was looking for a girlfriend who was a '15 out of 20'. We we then approached by 2 female dream characters - one of whom was ginger. The ginger girl seemed extroverted and friendly, and we all chatted for a while. When she left, I said to Simon: 'She was a 15 out of 20'. However, this girl already had a boyfriend - he was quite alternative and always wore a white, fluffy rabbit onesie, which was quite dirty. Simon and I planned to go swimming.

Scene 3 : University Dorm Room - Day
I experienced the next part of the dream from the perspective of a blonde female dream character. I was in a dorm room - which was the bedroom of the ginger female dream character and her boyfriend, as they shared a room. The room was huge, with a double bed in one corner. I was dressed in hotpants, a cropped top and knee-high socks. I was a cheerleader or dancer at the university and definitely a 15/20! The boyfriend - in the rabbit onesie wanted to cheat on his girlfriend by sleeping with 'me' (it wasn't 'me') behind her back. I noticed an old newspaper laying on the bed and started to read it. There was an article about the boyfriend in the rabbit onesie - in his hometown he had undergone some 'shock therapy' which I guess was 'electroconvulsive therapy' or 'electric shock treatment' and this procedure had gone badly wrong, leaving him mentally disturbed, which was the reason he always wore the rabbit onesie.

He started to get ready to have sex with me, when the dorm room was entered by his girlfriend and her mother (who was visiting to help her settle into university). Both of them seemed shocked to see the boyfriend was about to sleep with another girl, but they were not particularly angry or upset, as I would expect. I witnessed them entering from a position in the middle of the room, from my own third-person perspective - i.e. I could now see the blonde female dream character on the bed with the boyfriend instead of experiencing events through her eyes/perspective as before. 

Scene 4 : Garden (Location Unknown) - Day
I was then outside in a back garden, standing at the corner of the house to which the garden belonged. I am unsure of the location, but it appeared very similar to the house/garden of my mum's close friend, MFS, who we used to visit regularly when I was a child, as she had 3 children of similar ages to myself who I could play with while she and my mum spent time together. In the garden was some kind of grid. Standing at the corner of the garden, I was playing a game where I had to throw a small transparent glass teapot/jug-shaped object onto the grid. This object reminded me of 'Kool-Aid Man', in particular, the version which appears in Family Guy. There was also a small dog (I think it was a Pug) which was running onto the grid, possibly chasing the glass object. I was filming this to make a Youtube video. After a few throws of the glass object, I walked over to the grid. The glass object and the Pug dog has transformed into humans (I did not see the transformation or even question how this happened) - they had become RR (a girl from my school, and recurrent dream character, who I dislike!) and Bruno Mars. They were both clothed, except for their butts, which were naked. They explained to me that they were performers in some kind of acrobatics/gymnastics show, and the game on the grid (me throwing the glass object and the Pug chasing it) was them 'rehearsing'. RR turned around and I noticed that one of her butt cheeks was deflated and completely flat like it had been punctured!

TIME: 05:00 - 12:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* This is a basic dream report as I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams which I have to upload in a short space of time, prohibiting full analysis.

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