Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 489

'A Dead Bird Fell onto my Vagina at a Festival!'
Dream date: 31 August 2015

Scene 1: My Former Home in Pine Grove, Sheringham - Night
I entered by bedroom in my former childhood home, in Pine Grove Sheringham and found that BSS (an underground rapper and Facebook friend who I actually met in person at a hip hop festival) was laying on my bed. I asked him how he got there. He told me 'my sister' (I do not have a sister, but in the dream, PS's sister, TS was 'my' sister) had let him in. He kissed me on the cheek and then started shouting loudly (I am not sure what he was shouting). My mum (who was in the bedroom next door) came in and told him he had woken her and had to leave.

Scene 2: A Music Festival (Location Unknown) - Day
I was at a music festival - it was summer. I was walking around and then decided to get something to eat. The food stall sold bacon sandwiches, so I ordered one and sat on the grass to wait for it to be ready. I realised I was naked from the waist down, but was not concerned or anxious about this. Suddenly, a dead bird fell onto my pubic area. I was disgusted and threw it off me hurriedly. The bacon sandwich was taking ages to be cooked, so I went back to the stall to see what was taking so long. The bacon was a whole gammon joint being fried in a pan, with tinfoil on top. BSS came over to me and told me that there was some kind of fuss/chaos happening on the festival ground - a young woman was showing her baby to strangers.

Scene 3: Outside my University Library - Day
I was standing outside my university library with the young woman who had taken her baby to the festival. We were approached by a male police officer who started to question her about the 'crime' of showing her baby to people at the festival. There was no indication that she had done anything wrong, so I started to defend her. The police said: 'Did you see the photographs?' to which I replied: 'No, what were they of?' He said: 'If you haven't seen them, I have to arrest you as well!' I protested and eventually the police officer agreed that it would be an unlawful arrest and left us alone.

Scene 4: A Dark Bedsit - Night
I was then in a dark bedsit, which appeared to be swathed in a blue, misty light. Another person was with me in the room - a female - but I could not tell who it was. This female said: 'Courtney Love had a nose job, but she had perfect eyes, they were turquoise'. I replied: 'No, they were pale green'. The female said: 'Yes, but they were perfect'. I agreed with her. We then walked to the other side of the room and I realised the female was my friend, NN. She was wearing a long, floaty dress. She held out two small items of food, and I took hold of one - but she didn't let go. She then passed the other one to me and ate the one I had been holding. When I ate mine, I realised it was cheese.

Scene 5: A Beach - Day
I was then on a beach with BSS. It was a hot sunny day. The sand on the beach stretched out for a vast distance, but I could not see the sea. The sand had lots of shells and small pebbles and was a fine, dry texture. I then realised that the beach was also a house - with chairs simultaneously. The chairs were black leather sofas, which had compartments in the armrests. I opened these compartments and saw there were hundreds of pairs of men and women's shoes - all worn - and handbags. I started to sort through the shoes and bags wondering if they were good enough quality and clean enough for us to take some of them. I had a feeling they were all dirty - they were covered in sand. I cannot recall the precise conversation I had with BSS.

The beach them became far more like a lounge area in a house, which was unknown to me, but looked familiar. The leather sofas with the shoe/bag compartments were still in the room, which also maintained the appearance of being a composite of an interior and a beach at the same time. The young mother was there with a male journalist. They were designing a poster which was intended to set out the appropriate procedure for police questioning mothers in circumstances such as those which took place in the earlier scene outside the library. The guidance included information such as 'the police should wear plain clothes and use unmarked cars' and 'the police should not treat the suspect as guilty of an offence'. I told the journalist that the poster would be more helpful and 'ethical' if it was serious - there was a large, badly-drawn cartoon of a mother and baby in the centre with messy bubble-writing around the outside. I thought it would have more impact if a photograph and proper typed text was used. The journalist was going to write an article about the young mother's ordeal with the police.

TIME: 04:00 - 10:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)

* This is a basic dream report as I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams and a short space of time to upload them, prohibiting full analysis.

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