Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 482

'Lucy is Dead!'
Dream date: 22 August 2015

Scene 1: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was in my bedroom in my nan's house in Sheringham. I was aware that the upstairs of the house was now bedsits, and a room which (only within the dream) was positioned between my nan's room and my uncle GC's room (there is no actual space between these rooms which are separated by an interior wall in real-life) was inhabited by a black male rapper who was an exact composite of Notorious BIG (aka Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace) and Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) (see image, below). I gave the Biggie/Jay-Z character a drink at the door of his room (I could not see inside the room). I left the house, but wanted to return so I could hang out with Biggie/Jay-Z.

Scene 2: A Kitchen in an Unknown House - Day
I was then in a kitchen which had a concrete floor and concrete walls. It is not anywhere I can recall from real-life, but there was a sense of familiarity about the room. The kitchen had normal kitchen appliances in it, but these were quite traditional (i.e. not modern). Next to the stove/cooker was a space in which a washing machine was to be plumbed in. I started to attempt to do this, but then realised I could not, as I had no clue what to do. I then saw that there was a market stall in the kitchen - with a huge array of fresh fruit and vegetables. Although the house belonged to me and my mum, the market stall was owned by an old female dream character (I am not sure if she was seen in the dream). The idea was that I could use whatever fruit and vegetables I wanted, when I wanted - and at the end of each week the owner of the stall would bill me for the produce used - so it was like a personal shop set up in my kitchen! My mum entered the kitchen and started to wash the dishes which were stacked in the sink. There was some conversation, but I cannot recall what we talked about.

Scene 3: Garden/Patio Outside House - Afternoon
I then went outside into the garden, which had a patio. It was a sunny afternoon. My mum was there with a female friend, who resembled her real-life former colleague, JG. JG was wearing a bright, patterned multi-coloured top - which resembled a 1980s-style fashion item. She and my mum were sitting at a patio table, drinking wine. They had just finished work. I was standing in front of them, playing with a dog, which was my pet in the dream. The dog splashed a large amount of dark liquid (perhaps mud) on JG, ruining her top. My mum was angry at me and the dog, and told me to go back inside. JG did not say anything, but she was enraged by the incident - I could tell from the expression on her face and the fact she gave me the 'silent treatment'. 

Scene 4: Former Childhood Home (Seafront Flat), Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was then in my former childhood home - a seafront flat (it had 3 floors, but there was another apartment below it). The lounge was slightly different from how I remember it, but I knew that this was the location. I was sitting on the floor beside the sofa, on which my mum and stepdad were sitting. They were watching a video on a mobile phone - the video was a little girl, named 'Lucy' dancing to some music, while wearing a party dress. This girl (a dream character) was around the age of 7 - 8 years and was the daughter of JG, my mum's friend. It was strange because 'Lucy' was a separate dream character I was watching on a screen and me at the same time. It wasn't that she looked like me, but I exxperienced watching the video of her dancing and myself being the girl dancing in a video simultaneously. My stepdad said (showing me the video): 'Lucy is dead'. I think he meant the child in the video and he seemed upset about it. I then started a conversation about the Labour Party leadership election candidate, Jeremy Corbyn. I was saying that I thought he would make a good leader for the party, and my mum and stepdad said that he would not win the election.

TIME: 04:00 - 11:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* This is a basic dream report because I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams to upload in a short space of time, prohibiting a full analysis.

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