Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dream 501

'Dropping an Atomic Bomb on Sims'
Dream date: 14 September 2015

Day 7 of 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Kurt Cobain Dream
This is Day 7 of my 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment. Click on the red link to access the article which explains the experiment and contains all relevant links.

Scene 1: Bridgeport Map from Sims 3 Game  - Night
I was in Bridgeport City - the world map which comes as part of the Sims 3 'Late Night' expansion pack (see images, below). This is the world I use when I play Sims 3 as it is an urban city environment. I was actually in my own Sims game - the map was customised the way it is in my current game - I was standing outside the house of my current Sims family - 'the Loves'. My male Sim resembles Kurt Cobain and he is a rockstar. His family name is a reference to Courtney Love, Cobain's wife. Below is an image of a Sim Kurt Cobain - it is not my character, but it is better than the one I made, as game mods were used.

I did not see 'my Sims', but I was aware that they lived in the house I was standing outside. I was looking out towards the city and was with another male dream character (unrecalled, but my friend in the dream). It was night, but I could see clearly, as there were lots of bright lights, illuminating the scene. 

I decided to throw a grenade at the city. A computer game menu popped up and I could select what I wanted to 'buy' - the options were all weapons. I selected (with a cursor) the grenade. I am not sure how the cursor worked, as I did not have to manually select, I did this with my mind. Encouraged by the male dream character friend, I threw the grenade towards the main populated part of Bridgeport City. I then realised that the grenade was an atomic bomb and it was shortly about to blow up, which scared me. I knew I was safe in my location and would not be caught in the blast, but I did not want to see an atomic bomb, so I covered my face and looked away. I woke up.

TIME: 23:00 - 10:15 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:
  • None of note

  • I was in my Sims 3 game

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Sims 3

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I haven't played Sims 3 for a while, but I follow a Sim players page on Facebook and had seen some posts about Sims 3 the day this dream took place
  • I was watching episodes of Fresh Meat - in Season 3 there is an episode in which my favourite character, Violet 'Vod' Nordstrom (played by Zawe Ashton), accompanied by a counsellor, throws a grenade she has stolen from an RAF base over the moors as a way of venting anger towards her mother

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I have a fear of atom bombs, so this dream was a little bit scary, although not a 'nightmare'. I didn't have any specific waking thoughts or emotions regarding this short dream.

The fact that I dreamed about my Sim family's home - and my male sim resembles Kurt Cobain (and the family name is 'Love' - a reference to Kurt's wife Courtney Love) may have been completely coincidental, although I feel positive that this may be a sign that my dream incubation seed has been successfully planted.

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