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Lucid Dreaming Day - 12 April 2015

Sunday 12 April 2015 is 'Lucid Dreaming Day', a worldwide celebration to party, promote and raise awareness of lucid dreaming. The official website can be accessed by clicking here, and contains links to all the information, events, competitions and resources. You can get involved in the global discussion and events online by using the #LucidDreamingDay tag on your chosen social media platform.

Lucid Dreaming Day was started by British oneironaut Daniel Love, author of Are You Dreaming? Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide (2013). 

Lucid Dreaming Day is celebrated on 12 April to mark the anniversary of the pioneering work of Dr Keith Hearne, who was the first person to scientifically  prove the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. 

Hearne worked with lucid dreamer, Alan Worsley, to successfully record the particular REM movements of Worsley's lucid dream using an electro-oculogram as part of his PhD thesis at the University of Liverpool, at 08:00 hours on 12 April 1975. He was able to demonstrate how a lucid dreamer was able to communicate with the outside world, while in the lucid dream state.

Hearne's thesis was eventually published as K Hearne, 'Lucid dreams - An electrophysiological and psychological study' (1978) and appeared in the journal for The Society for Psychical Research

'If lucid dreaming were to be compared to space exploration, then the achievements of English psychologist Keith Hearne could be considered comparable in magnitude to those of NASA during the time of the first moon landing.'
- Daniel Love

The EOG experiment was replicated in 1983 by Dr Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University. 

Lucid dreaming is now becoming increasingly popularised, which is a very positive thing. There are many new developments in lucid dreaming technology and induction/recording, as well as a growth in use of lucid dreaming as a therapeutic tool. Lucid dreaming is being referenced in many artistic mediums, from movies, music and literature, all of which contribute to enhanced awareness of it's individual and universal potential. Lucid dreaming enables us to enrich and evolve our culture, creativity and knowledge and should anything which encourages us to unlock and harness its power should be rightfully celebrated!

If you are unable to attend any of the actual events which are being hosted as part of Lucid Dreaming Day 2015, there is no need to worry, because you can still join in online!

Let me know how you celebrated Lucid Dreaming Day on Sunday 12 April 2015!

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