Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dream 402

'Teaching English to Sammy'
Dream date: 6 March 2015
I was in a room which seemed to be some sort of teaching room or classroom, but I was not sure in what context. There was a light on in the room and everything was very bright and yellow in colour. I have provided a diagram (below) of what the room looked like. I was standing beside the desk. In the desk chair was a female - she was middle-aged and normal looking - she had white skin, was tall and thin and had grey hair. I think she also wore glasses. I knew she was either my boss or my superior, and that I did not really like her as a person because she seemed 'cold' and dispassionate. 

There was a male (I think he was from a country in South America) who had a long name beginning with 'S' which was shortened to 'Sammy' whilst he was staying in the UK. Sammy was in his 20s and had olive brown skin and black hair - he was handsome, but also very normal-looking, with nothing that made him stand out. I was helping Sammy learn to speak English. He entered the teaching room via the door shown in the diagram. He was waving a piece of paper with writing on it, and smiling. We had a conversation (I cannot recall what we were talking about) and we were both happy. Then my female superior said that Sammy had to leave and I would no longer be teaching him English. I was quite angry and upset and tried to protest, but she wouldn't listen to me. She was bending over (while still sitting in the chair at the desk) arranging a plastic sheet which was laying on the ground (this was either black or navy). She was smoothing it out. I felt a sense of loss that Sammy would have to leave, as I had experienced significant interaction and friendship with him.

She then went and sat on the bed (also shown in the diagram). The bed (a single bed with white bed covers) was still in the same room as the previous scene, but the immediate environment now also had similar qualities to my bedroom in my nan's house in Sheringham. It was as if this area of the teaching room was a composite of the office-type room it had appeared to be, and also my bedroom, but without any specific furniture or objects I could recognise from real-life. It was more like a vague impression of familiarity. She had a dog - a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (my favourite breed, and the same colour as N the Dog) which was sitting on the floor, partially under the bed. There was another female dream character with us - someone who appeared quite similar to a woman named LB, whom I have worked with previously and shares the same cold/dispassionate traits as the female superior dream character in this dream. LB (if that is who this second dream character was) and I were petting the dog. I asked the female boss whether Staffies were a dangerous breed, like the media suggested, and she said: 'No, they are known as the 'Nanny Dog' because they are a good family pet'.

TIME: 04:00 - 12:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • Questions about Staffies - this is information I (as a dog-lover and also a particular lover of Staffordshire Bull Terriers) already know and often advise other people. I would never need to ask someone if a Staffie is a dangerous dog and I am very well-educated on their traits (IA - Inner Awareness)
  • Repair of the laptop (see *Recalled Dream Scene, below) - impossible action/impossible form and items changed appearance during the scene (A- Action/F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Dogs (particularly Staffordshire Bull Terriers)
  • My bedroom in my nan's house in Sheringham
  • Loss
  • Broken laptop (see *Recalled Dream Scene, below) 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day before this dream, I had seen a headline in The Sun (online version, I could not read the full article as I am not a paid subscriber) which read (in part): 'Devil Dogs[...]' and had an image of a vicious looking dog, which was a bull breed and also the same colour as N the Dog (and the dog in this dream).

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
There were no particular waking thoughts or emotions related to this particular dream, as it seemed quite normal (and even boring!). However, shortly after I woke up, I walked to my local shop and saw a ruby-coloured, short-legged Staffordshire Bull Terrier exactly the same as the one in my dream, tied to a railing waiting for her owner to come back out of the shop for her. I immediately went and petted her to calm her down, because she was anxious and lonely. I would normally do this whenever I see a dog tied up (I can read the body language of most dogs and can sense if they are friendly and receptive), but in this situation, I was reminded strongly of how much I enjoyed petting the dog in my dream.

* I have forgotten some aspects of this dream - in particular scenes in which I was interacting with Sammy before I met the female dream character (my superior who sent Sammy away). If I am able to recall them, I will record them below.

*Recalled Dream Scene (7 April 2015, 06:16 hours)
My mum and I were in my nan's house. I was sitting on the sofa and my mum was sitting in the armchair in the corner, where I normally sit. The room looked as it would in real-life. We were discussing racism/race. 

I was then asked to search for something on the internet, using my laptop (I cannot recall what this was, but I was not happy about having to search for whatever it was). I noticed that the bottom of the screen on the laptop was peeling away, like a piece of paper. The laptop still worked, but the screen was literally pulling away, which meant it was difficult to view. It also had fine cracks running across it, which were getting worse. I showed my mum. She used some pink towel/velour material, which she put over the back of the screen (the top of the laptop), and then fastened it to the sides of the screen using massive gold paper fasteners - these paper fasteners were huge - about the size of a wooden spoon when my mum was holding them in her hands, but as soon as they were in use, attaching the material/fabric to the back of the laptop, they were much smaller - about the size of teaspoons. I thought this looked terrible and ugly (and in real-life it would never have been able to fix the problem of the screen peeling away at the bottom as she had simply wrapped the laptop lid in some material which did not even touch the broken bottom of the screen). However, the laptop screen did now seem to be fixed. My mum said: 'Treasury tags!' loudly. In the dream, I did not question whether the paper fasteners were actually called treasury tags, but actually, I have just looked up both stationary items online and they are completely different. Paper fasteners have two prongs and a circular top. The prongs pierce the paper and then bend back to hold it in place. Treasury tags are two pieces of tubular metal with a piece if string in the middle, which runs through the paper (see below).
Memory Trigger: As I put my laptop down on my bed, it made a slight noise (a cracking sounds, but there was no damage, I think it was just creaking!). This caused me to instantaneously recall this dream scene in the same detail I remembered it when I first woke up from the dream (i.e. I remember the memory of this dream). I am not sure at what point this dream scene occurred in the above dream narrative.

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