Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dream 398

'Clive Bale'
Dream date: 1 April 2015
I was in an outside environment, which was sunny. It was a suburban area, which had some green foliage and a short brick wall. Standing against the brick wall was a male dream character. He had white skin, a round face and gingery-brown hair. His name was 'Clive Bale' but I thought to myself: 'His name should be Gareth Bale'. I knew Gareth Bale was a footballer. In my waking life I had no idea what Gareth Bale looked like, or what football team he plays for, but I was aware that the dream character was supposed to be 'Gareth Bale, the professional footballer' even though in the dream, his name was Clive.

I was then in a brightly lit room, which had a long row of desks and a set of TV screens or computer monitors just behind them. I was with my cousin JC2, some teenage male dream characters (who were JC2's friends in the dream), and some of my former school friends, including VW and SH. I could hear live guitar music being played in a different room, and I told someone: 'I'm involved with making that music'. It seemed that I was also involved with making some kind of TV show, which was being shown on the screens behind the desks. The male dream characters and JC2 put some kind of soap or frothy liquid on the desks and started sliding along them on their bellies. I knew I was in charge, but decided that this was part of some creative process. 

I then became aware that EV, a girl from my former school, had posted something on Facebook. She was apparently supporting UKIP (the UK Independence Party, a right-wing, nationalist political party) and had made a comment which insinuated that I was a Labour Party supporter. I do not know what the comment said, but it was derogatory. I was annoyed, because I am not a Labour Party supporter. I am, to a large extent, a supporter of Left-Wing, liberal politics (I would describe myself as Left of Centre, because although I support capitalism, but also many aspects of socialism and believe capitalism allows competition and progression, but also the ability for people to potentially make socially conscious, humanitarian decisions about sharing wealth and engaging in voluntary philanthropy), but I do not vote because I disagree with the British party political system and cannot adhere to any one of the main parties. I vowed that I would confront EV about her Facebook post, but VW and SH were trying to convince me not to.

TIME: 19:00 - 22:30 hours (early evening nap, did not wake directly from the dream, so not sure when it occurred in the sleep cycle)
SPECIAL NOTES: I ate two bananas just before I went to sleep (bananas contain relatively high levels of tryptophan and vitamin B6, which are both known to encourage sleep/vivid dreaming)

  • Clive/Gareth Bale - I questioned by the dream character was called Clive, when I knew that in real-life he is called Gareth (I - Inner Awareness).
  • Action of dream characters, sliding on their bellies - this behaviour was so strange I should have realised I was dreaming (A - Action/C - Context).

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • Several days before I had this dream, I saw several of my Facebook friends posting statuses about football matches. As far as I am aware, Gareth Bale was not specifically mentioned. I have since discovered that he plays for Real Madrid and the Wales national team.
  • The General Election will be taking place in May 2015.
  • The day I had this dream I read about a Conservative MP who was exposed for Tweeting a homophobic poem aimed at poking fun at the Labour Party.

Waking Thoughts & Feelings:
None of note.

* I have forgotten some aspects of the later two dream scenes. If I recall anything further, I will record it below.

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