Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dream 407

'Everything was Confused & Wrong!'
Dream date: 11 April 2015
I was in a sorority house with a group of other girls. I did not recognise the house - I have never been in a 'typical' sorority house, but it was just a collection of very plain, white, institutional bedrooms, some with bunk-beds in them. The girls (all dream characters) were young women who I knew vaguely in the dream. There were people in each bedroom. 

I was trying to explain the concept of 'REM Rebound Effect' and how serotonin works in dreaming. However, my words were getting muddled up and I was saying: 'Serotonin Rebound Effect' and 'Sensimilla Overload' instead, and then getting frustrated because I knew I had used the wrong words to describe something I have a fair amount of accurate knowledge on. This dream scene seemed to last for ages, and I was vaguely aware that I was in the a dream-sleep (REM stage) as in real-life I had slept for 13 hours the previous day and didn't really need to go to sleep at the time I had this dream, but had taken a nap out of boredom. My sleep was very light during this dream, and almost all of it was dream sleep.

There was a scene with a yellow towel. I was still trying to articulate what I meant by REM Rebound Effect and find the right word for 'serotonin', but now, the only words I could say were 'Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor' (a form of anti-depressant medication which I have previously been prescribed). One female dream character said: 'Is it Prozac Nation?' referencing the book, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (1994) (which I own). I said: 'No, it's dream sleep!' I was so frustrated and confused by not being able to use the right words to describe what I meant!

I left the bedroom area and walked onto an upper hallway. I saw DRS (a girl from my high school and home town, who was a complete bully and generally nasty person) with two girls from my year at school, one of whom was LT. DRS was being held back by these two girls (I cannot recall who the second one was) - but not in a hostile way - they all seemed to be friends in the dream. DRS lunged for me when she saw me, and tried to sexually assault me. I jumped back and warned her that if she tried to sexually assault me again, I would publicise the fact on my Facebook and shame her for her actions! She did try it again - she was trying to insert her fist into my vagina. I felt threatened, but did not want to show her that I did, so I just mocked her and called her a 'sex offender', then walked down the massive spiral staircase which led to a lower hallway. DRS leaned over the stair railing at the top, shouting something (unrecalled) at me. 

I was then watching a scene where a young male dream character was sitting on his bed (side-view) wearing only white boxer shorts. It felt as if I was watching this on a screen (perhaps Youtube or TV). A young female dream character approached from the right side and handed the male a cup of tea, then exited left. The male's mother entered the scene (from the right) and the male got a visible erection. I thought that this was embarrassing and awkward!

I was still watching the TV screen, but now there was a family, seated on a sofa in a typical lounge. The adults were white, and the son, a teenage male dream character was mixed-race. The son was being interviewed by an interview (off-screen/behind the camera). He was asked whether his teeth looked 'whiter' because he had dark skin. I found this question to be racist, but the boy just smiled, revealing very perfect teeth. 

I saw that I was in a lounge which looked a lot like my nan's living-room in her house in Sheringham, but was more spacious. I was still watching the TV. My stepdad came into the room and said: 'Don't look at me, I just got out of the bath and I am naked'. I did not look in his direction, but he continued to talk to me, which meant I had to focus really hard on the TV screen (which was what I had been apparently watching during the previous two dream scenes) so as not to glimpse sight of him out of the corner of my eye. He did not seem to be in a rush to get ready. On the TV screen was a programme about Tanya Burr. She was seated with her family (mum, dad, brother and other family members) as well as a new Youtuber, called 'Emma'. Tanya and Emma had a new book (a big, glossy hardback book called 'Tanya and Emma') which was on a coffee table in front of them. The programme was to promote the new book. My stepdad said: 'That Tanya Burrows [he got her name wrong] shouldn't promote her book yet, or else she might burn out with the publicity'. He then told me that she was to be the new presented of Top Gear, replacing the recently fired Jeremy Clarkson (who was dismissed in a blaze of publicity after assaulting his producer, following previous warnings for racial comments he had made on the show). I thought this was odd, because I did not know that Tanya was a car expert. Tanya was telling the TV show host (unseen) that her family had received negative publicity because of some videos of her uncle, aunts and under-age cousins (dream characters, not member of the actual Burr family I am aware of) drinking and smoking, which was seen to be a bad influence on young viewers. From the back of the studio, a door opened and Jim Chapman (Tanya's finance) entered, to join the Burr family. 

The Burr family then watched a segment of the show which showed a new Youtuber - a male dream character. This male dream character looked a lot like a younger version of Edward Norton. He wore a white T-shirt under a black leather jacket. I cannot recall what he was talking about in his part of the show, but he was moving around frantically and gesticulating wildly. He had contouring make-up on his face, but the highlighted areas were really badly done and visible - it looked like he had white face-paint on those areas. He removed his upper-body clothing and I saw his body was very flabby and out of shape - and pale compared to his face, which now looked bright red. N the Dog jumped onto the sofa and started licking my face, then jumped down again.

I went into my nan's 'front room' (a second reception room). Under the sideboard was a bottle of white wine. The white wine had a label on it which said that it was 4% proof alcohol. I thought that this was an incredibly low alcohol content for wine, but then a voice in my head told me that all white wine was 4% alcohol. Then a contradictory voice said: 'No, all white wine is half of 4% alcohol'. On the label, it now said that there was 1% alcohol. I tried to do the maths and realised that 1% was half of 4%, but knew that this must be wrong. I kept trying to work out the maths, but every time, half of 4 was 1, and I couldn't get the sum right (it seemed right in the dream, but wrong in my head). I then heard the TV (from the adjacent room) and the Burr family were being interviewed again. Tanya's younger brother Oscar was saying that he was in a rock band and was really sad that Tanya's popularity meant that it was difficult for her to come to the local area and watch him perform because she would get mobbed by fans. 

TIME: 04:45 - 07:00 hours (the entire short sleep seemed to be filled with this dream as I woke up from the dream)
LUCIDITY: None or pre-lucid (as I seemed to be aware I was in REM sleep when trying to explain the science of dreaming in the first dream scene and questioned many aspects of this dream)

  • I was very aware that I was getting my words muddled when trying to describe the science of dreaming, and think I was aware that I was in REM sleep at the time of the dream (IA - Inner Awareness).
  • I questioned why Tanya Burr would be the new host of Top Gear as this seemed very odd (IA - Inner Awareness/C - Context).
  • I could not perform simple maths - and knew that not all white wine is 4% - or less - alcohol content (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action)
  • Eyes/eyebrows (see *Recalled Dream Scene, below) - I apply anti-ageing creams to the sides of my eyes to stop wrinkles forming and I have quite thick, natural eyebrows (F - Form).

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • My nan's house in Sheringham

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I am currently writing an article on Sex & Dreams which may explain the sexual content of this dream.
  • The night before this dream I was watching an episode of Come Dine With Me in which the contestants were impressed with a large spiral staircase in an Essex home. In the same episode there was a wine expert who spent a long time discussing fine wines.
  • A few days before this dream I was on a bus in the evening. A white male boarded the bus and joined a black male (both students) who was sitting across the aisle from me at the front of the bus. The white male said words to the effect of: 'I knew it was you on the bus, because I could only see your teeth in the darkness' which I perceived to be semi-racist. I know this was just a throwaway comment between friends, and the black male laughed about it, but there were other black people on the bus and they might have found this kind of remark (i.e. that black people are less visible in darkness until they show their teeth) offensive. I found it offensive.
  • I had watched some Tanya Burr videos the day before this dream, and in one scene she was driving in her car, and in another scene talking about her recent book launch for Love Tanya Burr (2014). I saw the information for those wanting to get tickets for the book launch which referred to the strict protocol necessary - due to Tanya's popularity rules had to be imposed to prevent her from being mobbed by fans. In another video, Tanya's family - Jim, her father, mother, brother Oscar, sister and nephew appeared, celebrating a birthday.
  • There has been a lot of recent publicity about Jeremy Clarkson being fired from Top Gear.
  • The day before this dream I had watched a Tanya Burr video (different from the others cited above) in which she described using a new product to shape her eyebrows (See *Recalled Dream Scene, below).

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I woke from this dream which felt like it took place in the lightest sleep possible - almost like a daydream, although the complexity of this dream suggests I must have been in a typical REM sleep. I felt very awake and refreshed when I awoke and realised that I had really enjoyed this dream, because it was strange and also involved several scenes where I questioned the events, meaning my inner awareness was functioning well and I was almost - or actually - pre-lucid.

* I am not sure if I recalled this entire dream, but if I remember any further aspects of it, I will record them below.

* Recalled Dream Scene (11 April 2015, 19:32 hours)
I was looking at my face close-up in a mirror. I am not sure how much I looked like my actual self, because the only difference I could see was that my skin was slightly darker (but my skin does change considerably depending on light conditions - sometimes I look olive and sometimes I look golden brown). I then noticed that I had deep crows-feet wrinkles by the sides of my eyes, which are not there in real-life. As soon as I questioned why these wrinkles were on my face, they were no longer there. I then noticed that my eyebrows were very sparse, fluffy and thin and light brown in colour - nothing like they appear in real-life (thick, black, natural). I thought that I would need to fill them in with eyebrow powder before I could go out. 
Memory Trigger: I was watching an episode of Masterchef and DL and I were commenting on whether one of the male contestants had natural eyebrows, or plucked/shaped ones, because they looked strange.

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