Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dream 412

'Victoria Wood's Boarding House & My Pro-Choice Protest!'
Dream date: 15 April 2015
I 'woke up' from a secondary dream while in my main dream (so a 'dream within a dream'). I tried really hard to remember my secondary dream, but it was completely confusing. All I could remember was that there was a big glacial wall of some kind - a huge, textured wall made of ice/snow. I cannot remember anything else. 

I was then in a dark hotel foyer with a young Asian female (dream character), a middle-aged white female doctor (dark hair, wearing glasses) and my mum. The Asian dream character was 9 weeks pregnant and hoping to arrange an abortion because she had been raped. However, the doctor was refusing to give permission for this, which was making me very angry, because it was clear the Asian female was desperate - she was crying and begging. The doctor said: 'You can only have an abortion if you prove to me that you have been consuming alcohol'. This outraged me, because I knew the Asian female was Muslim. I told the doctor that this was discrimination - the pregnant girl could not drink alcohol because of her religion, so to make it the condition for her abortion, she was putting pressure on her to go and drink the alcohol to secure the procedure out of desperation. Plus, the rule about alcohol was a form of unequal treatment. The doctor responded by saying the female was 'too far into the pregnancy' for an abortion, which I denied, because she was only 9 weeks pregnant, which is early. The doctor agreed to examine and assess the Asian female, which made her less anxious about her situation. 

I was then aware that it was New Years Eve, although I am not sure exactly where we were - it was an interior environment and quite dark. My friend, JD was visiting, but he was acting very strangely and I put this down to the fact that he has an autistic spectrum disorder. However, he was being very unreasonable towards me, screaming at me, making sexual gestures and trying to establish physical contact which I did not want. My stepdad was present at one point and he was defending JD - and told me to go out and enjoy myself and forget what was happening. I went to the The Crown pub, in Sheringham (which looks as it does in real-life). I joined a party there, but only for a short time as it was soon time to leave. I had to walk home in the early hours of the morning in the dark.

I then found myself in a strange boarding-house which was owned by Victoria Wood. I guess it was very similar to the premise of the TV show Rising Damp (1974 - 1978). This was a very institutional looking building, with white gloss-painted doors leading to each living-quarter. The decor was shabby and old-fashioned and the lighting was poor. It did feel familiar, however and was reminiscent of 1970s style furnishing. Many different families and individuals lived in the boarding house, and all seemed to know each other - I seemed to know them as well, although I am not sure if I lived there or not. I seemed to spend a large amount of time in one particular room which was also inhabited by a middle-aged man and woman. You had to climb three steps to get to this room from one of the main corridors. At some point, I went into the bathroom with a young female dream character. It turned out that this was her family's bathroom and her mum entered - surprised to see me in there.

I must have woken up, because - in real-life - I heard my cleaner, Tony, arrive to empty the bins, which he does on a daily basis. He does a full clean on a Monday, when he also vacuums the carpets. He is usually whistling or singing while he is doing his job. After Tony left, I must have fallen asleep again.

I woke up. This was a false awakening. I did not have sleep paralysis. I got out of bed and decided to vacuum the carpet of my bedroom and hallway just outside (I would never voluntarily vacuum my carpet!) The vacuum cleaner was different to the one we have in real-life, but I did not notice this. I then stopped and got back into bed and tried to go to sleep (even though I was already asleep and in a dream!) I heard the doorbell ring and my former cleaner Rachel was at the door. I then 'realised' (in my dream, not real-life, although I thought I was awake and experiencing reality) that Tony was still downstairs. Rachel told Tony that her vacuum cleaner had broken and she needed to borrow ours (which was now downstairs, without me having to return it). Tony said she could, and I heard them getting the vacuum cleaner and having a conversation, very clearly. I then heard Tony come upstairs again. He knocked on my door, saying: '[My real name], I'm checking to see if you are alright...' He then opened my bedroom door (he would never do this in real-life) and entered my room. I was facing the wall and could not see him. He pulled my duvet off me and I was naked (I was clothed in real-life, so this should have been an indication of a false awakening). He grabbed me violently and tried to pull me out of the bed, which scared me a lot. I did nothing to retaliate. He must have failed to pull me out of the bed and decided to leave. I turned around and saw my bedroom door was open (in real-life it was shut, as I had left it). I actually woke up shortly after this. 

TIME: 05:30 - 12:00 hours (I think the first part of the dream - before the false awakening - happened before 10:30 hours and the false awakening happened just after Tony left in real-life, so between 10:30 - 11:30 hours)
LUCIDITY: None - despite the fact I usually become lucid during false awakenings and had plenty of dreamsigns
SPECIAL NOTES: I had tried to meditate on having a lucid dream before I fell asleep

  • The attitude/behaviour of the doctor and fact the consultation was taking place in a hotel foyer, publicly (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action/C - Context)
  • It was New Years Eve (IA - Inner Awareness/C - Context)
  • Victoria Wood owned a boarding house (IA - Inner Awareness/C - Context)
  • The entire false awakening scene was a dreamsign which I missed while in the dream (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action/F - Form/ C - Context)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • The Crown pub in Sherngham as a dream scene (i.e. Dream 375, Dream 399 & Dream 406, plus many more)
  • Strange hotels/boarding houses and being in someone else's bathroom (Dream 391).

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day of this dream I read about abortion on the internet - I cannot recall the context.
  • The day of this dream I had a discussion with an Australian male online and he informed me of the Halal Certification scandal and the fact that some alcohol companies had the certification on their label - which is completely ridiculous as all alcohol is haram and inappropriate for halal-only Islamic diets.
  • The day of this dream I had made a comment about my only interest in cars being when it was the early hours of the morning and I need a ride home.
  • DL and I were discussing 1970s-style furnishing after seeing a 1970s-style home on a 'history of food'-themed TV show where a family recreated the living conditions, cultures and diets of past decades.
  • The day of this dream I had looked at an article showing pictures of people getting caught while in the process of taking 'selfies' in bathrooms. The influence here comes from the image of someone suddenly walking into a bathroom and taking you by surprise.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I woke up feeling really confused by this dream. Firstly, the trying to recall the secondary dream within the primary dream was very odd and may have affected my overall logical understanding of the dream. The middle section of this dream was quite enjoyable. However, the false awakening was quite scary and I am not sure why I did not pick up on any dreamsigns and then do a reality check. I think it may be because I did not experience sleep paralysis during the false awakening, as it is usually this which acts as a trigger. Also, because the false awakening happened just after Tony had left my house in real-life - and involved me getting back into bed and trying to fall asleep again, it seemed realistic that he might in fact be downstairs, whereas some of my previous false awakenings have featured impossible nightmarish characters which cause me to question reality much sooner and successfully.

* I know I have forgotten some vital parts of this dream from the scenes prior to the false awakening (which is recalled in full detail). If I remember any of the forgotten aspects of this dream,  will record them below.

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