Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dream 417

Dream date: 22 April 2015
I cannot recall the first part of this dream.

I found myself in an office environment and realised that this was my former workplace and I was now re-employed here, but doing a different job (i.e. not a criminal law paralegal). The office looked different (it reminded me of a former high school classroom I used to be taught in) and I was aware that the entire staff had changed and new people were now working here, but I did not know any of them. I wished I was still doing criminal law, but I think I was now an employment and immigration paralegal. I knew I did not find the work as stimulating. 

There was someone else (a dream character - not sure if they were male or female as I cannot recall, but they were my friend in the dream) seated at a desk a short distance away from me, but apart from that, the office was empty. I was aware that I had come into work as over-time to complete an urgent project by a short deadline. I am not sure what the project was. The telephone then rang and it was the wife of a client of the firm, wanting to leave a message for one of my lawyer colleagues. I cannot recall what the message was about, but I started making notes in a notebook, using a pencil. When I tried to read back the notes which I had written (while still on the phone to the client's wife), I realised I could not read my own writing. I asked the woman to repeat the message, but I could not write it down at all. My writing did not even resemble proper letters or words, just big, messy scribbles. The only word I could read was the first one, which read 'Miss'. I ended the call, knowing that the message was indecipherable and further, I had forgotten what I had been told anyway.

I then summonsed my friend over to my desk. I opened the drawer and saw a brochure or book which was very shiny and blue/yellow on the cover. This in some way related to the project I was trying to complete. I said: 'There's a political demonstration [about this issue], the protest starts in the morning'. It was assumed/intended that my friend and I would attend the protest as we were involved in it's organisation or had some kind of interest in it (I cannot recall what the protest was for). However, as soon as I started discussing how we would be attending the protest demonstration in a few hours, I realised I could not be bothered to go and I wanted to avoid it out of laziness and apathy.

TIME: 05:00 - 08:00 hours
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • I had returned to my former job, but the office looked different and the staff had changed (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form)
  • I was unable to read or write a simple telephone message in the dream - it is common to find text does not appear as it should in real-life (A - Action/F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Returning to my former workplace

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had discussed my previous work/office with RBA in a recent conversation.
  • Many of my criminal clients (especially those in custody) used to refer to me as 'Miss' as a mark of respect and several of my male friends use it also.
  • Immigration and employment are topics debated fiercely in current affairs in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.
  • I am not motivated to vote in the General Election, despite being involved in some forms of political activism.
  • I had mentioned to PS that my secondary supervisor is a leading authority on civil rights, namely the right to protest and demonstrate.
  • The day of this dream I had mentioned to my neighbour/colleague that I would be able to teach Discrimination Law if I re-learnt the topic, as my speciality and first preference is Criminal Law.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
None of note - this was a boring dream.

* I have forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I recall anything further, I will record it below.

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