Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dream 403

'Awkward Meetings'
Dream date: 7 April 2015
I was on a platform, high in the sky. It was daylight. There was someone else on the platform with me, but I cannot recall exactly who - it was possibly my mum. I couldn't see the ground/landscape below me, just the sky and some objects which looked like horizontal power-lines (cables) stretching across it, as far as the eye could see. These power-line or cable-type objects were of varying thickness and colours and textures. The idea was that you would hold onto the lines with your hands and slide along them, like zip-lining, although there was no harness and the cables were straight across, not pointing downwards. However, this was the only way to get down to the ground (I am not sure how this would work in practice). The person with me (my mum?) was telling me I had to do this, or I would be stuck in the sky on the platform forever as there was no other way of descending. I knew that the correct line/cable to use was one which was thicker than all the rest (about as thick as an average rope), navy and slippery/oily in texture. I felt anxious and did not want to do this because it seemed dangerous. Someone (unrecalled) - a dream character person who had also been standing with me and my mum(?) on the platform - pushed past me, impatient to take their turn. I saw them slide 'down' the power-lines (using the thick, oily navy one), even though - as before - the power-line remained straight and horizontal, not sloping downwards as the movement indicated

The scene changed and I was in an interior environment - I think is was a residential premises, but I only really saw a chair. In the chair was a pregnant woman (an unknown dream character) with whom I started having an (unrecalled) conversation.

The scene then changed again and I was outside my house in Norwich. I wanted to smoke some cannabis, so I went to one of my colleagues' houses - which is a few doors down from my own. I went into his lounge and started smoking. I could see that the lounge looked different from how it would normally look (furnished in the same way as my own home). This lounge/kitchen was more spacious and decorated with white furniture, all quite traditional and homely-looking. My colleague ST entered and I saw he was with ED1 (with whom I had a brief casual relationship many years ago). ST and ED1 are both students at my university and they do in fact know each other in real-life, from football. I tried to explain to ST that I was using his house to smoke in (even though smoking is not permitted in university residences, and certainly not cannabis!). ST and ED1 were about to leave the house, but first they stopped and started to accuse me of stalking ED1. I tried to reassure them that this was not the case - I had not known he was in ST's house, me seeing him there was by chance, not design, but they were laughing at me and did not believe me. This felt very awkward, because clearly ED1 thought I had feelings for him, which I did not. 

TIME: 12:00 - 17:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • The entire scene involving the 'power-lines' in the sky was a dreamsign - I would never be so high in the sky on a platform, because I am afraid of heights. The 'power-lines' were 'impossible' objects - the varying thickness, colours and textures indicated this. The action of sliding down something which was perfectly straight and horizontal was also impossible (A - Action/F- Form/C - Context)

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • Being high in the sky/air on a platform or some other dangerously unstable object - and accompanying feelings of fear and anxiety, particularly in relation to the proposed method of getting back down to the ground, requiring some physical action. My mum is also often present in these scenarios, encouraging me.
  • Smoking cannabis.

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day before this dream I had been drawing straight lines on MS Paint (in relation to a diagram intended for this Blog). I had chosen a navy line, and then thickened its width to make it more prominent. I actually really enjoy looking at power-lines/cables against the sky (see below).
  • A couple of weeks before this dream I had bumped into ED1 randomly in my university shop and we said an awkward 'hello' to each other. Shortly after this, I had been sitting in the university bar with my friend (and colleague of ST and I), LMD. LMD had been showing me a picture of a male pin-up in Attitude magazine (a publication aimed at gay men) and I had commented that the model reminded me slightly of ED1. LMD asked me about LMD and we had looked up his Facebook profile on LMD's phone, and then discussed his photographs in quite loud voices. At that point, I saw ED1 was sitting just behind us in the bar (and probably overheard us discussing his photographs, which would have been random as I haven't had a proper conversation with him in a couple of years!) I was anxious that he might have thought I was obsessed with him, which I am not - his name was only mentioned (and Facebook checked out) because he happened to resemble the model LMD had shown me!

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
There were no waking thoughts or feelings of note, as this dream was quite banal and further, I did not give myself much opportunity to dwell on it after waking, as I got up in a rush when my alarm went off - I was expecting a visitor and had to rise from my very long afternoon nap.

* I think there are some aspects of this dream which I have forgotten. If I recall them at a later stage, I will record them below.

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