Monday, 13 April 2015

Dream 409

'International Electrical Engineering Opportunities'
Dream date: 12 April 2015 (Afternoon Nap)
I was in an environment which looked like 'The Hive' which is a bar on my university campus. This venue is usually quite dark and it was in the dream, however, it also looked a little differently laid out than usual. There was some kind of event being held in The Hive, which is usual. At one of the tables near the stairs, two girls - AG and LT (from my old high school) were seated. They had a number of pieces of paper, which looked like homework assignments. I joined them and they explained that I had missed some of the earlier classes, but that these were the hand-outs from a class on computing and electrical engineering which we were enrolled in. I had a look at the course paperwork and thought it was boring, wondering why I had enrolled on such a course. 

There were many buffet foods/snacks on the tables in the room and we started helping ourselves to them - many of them were sweet desserts. Then a group of people came into the room - they were all dressed in army camouflage - the desert variety and red berets. They were clearly soldiers - and the function was being organised by them. I was aware that we were not invited to the soldiers' party and therefore should not be eating the food.

I then found myself in a book shop, browsing the shelves with AG, LT and other persons (unrecalled) from my high school. The room was very light and yellow in colour. The shelves with the books on them were very low to the ground.

I was then in another room - which may have been The Hive, or a completely different venue, which was still located on my university campus. There was a stage in front of us (there is a stage in the room adjacent to The Hive - the LCR) and we were standing around a small circular table in the corner of the room. The room was very very dark. Present was a male dream character in a business suit (a 'manager'), a middle-aged female dream character, NB (a colleague and post-graduate student at my uni), SP (a boy I went to high school with) and another person (I think they were also from my high school, but I cannot recall who this was). We were in a band. Our manager was giving us feedback before a gig we were due to perform at shortly. There was a brown paper envelope, which was handed to me, I opened it and there was a letter and also a strange object which looked like a small, round plastic item, attached to a headband. Our manager said: 'You have to drop the mic and then pretend it's an accident, then we can use this'. The small object was an auto-tuning device. I knew that I was a useless singer, so the idea was to 'drop the mic' and pretend that it was broken (to account for why my singing sounded so terrible), then I could start using the auto-tune to correct my pitch and tone, tricking the audience into believing that I could actually sing. I unfolded the letter, which was written in two parts. I do not know who the author of the letter was. The top part was obscured by some transparent tracing paper which had been stuck on top of the paper on which the letter was written, intended to stop me from reading that. The bottom part referred directly to me. I red the top, obscured part first (it was not difficult to read through the transparent paper!) It said that NB had an attitude problem and needed to correct this because she would be made to leave the band if she continued to be such a nasty, difficult person to work with. I read the lower part, which was about me. This part said that I was a poor singer and needed to be auto-tuned, but it was vital that I remain in the band because I was 'charismatic' and the most popular member. I passed the letter to NB and she was outraged by what had been written about her.

I realised that I was wearing a pair or woollen tights (royal blue) with white frills on them. I put a leotard on over the top of the tights. It was made of a transparent baby-pink lace - like lingerie. I was aware (I saw myself in the third-person) that the leotard was completely see-through. The manager said: 'Take the leotard off because I can see the yellow tights through it'. I wondered why he referred to the tights as 'yellow' as clearly they were blue - then I noticed that they were in fact purple! I took the leotard off, but I am not sure what I put on instead.

I was then aware that I had taken a taxi ride from my former high school to the bus stop in Sheringham, by the steam railway. The taxi was really expensive and I owed money to my friends as I did not have enough money with me to contribute. 

The scene changed and I was then walking into an interior environment - to meet my high school friends who were already there. They were sitting in a booth, with a table between the two seats. Seated were SF, VW, SH and some other females who I had been friends with at school. SF stood up and said: 'You owe us taxi money'. I gave her £5 and she said: 'You owe us £2 more'. I said I had no more money on me, and she said: 'Does Pat [my nan] have £2?' I said I would have to check with my nan later, and was thinking that this was a little rich, as SF had gotten a free ride in a taxi with me nan shortly before this (this was a 'dream memory' not a real-life event as I have not seen SF in many years). AKB (another girl from my school) then joined us and said that we should all get undressed. She was wearing a bra (lacy, white) and white bikini bottoms. I took off my own clothes. I saw AKB's legs and butt and noticed they were perfectly smooth, toned and tanned - while mine looked like they would in real-life - fat and olive-skinned. I wondered how AKB looked so different from the way she actually looks in real-life (larger than me and paler skinned) - I assumed she might have 'Photoshopped herself' for wearing the lingerie/bikini. We all left the room. 

I then became aware that all of my friends were applying for a job opportunity - to do electrical engineering abroad. The job was really exciting because you only had to work for 1 week at a time and then for £100 you could move onto any place in the world you wanted, without restrictions. You could earn the £100 in just one day working as the 'International Electrical Engineer'. I realised that this was the training that AG, LT and I had been enrolled for (first dream scene) and I wondered if I was competent enough to apply for the International Electrical Engineering job, since I had missed the first few classes. EVL (a girl from my school) said: 'You don't need to be good at it to get the job'. It seemed that everyone was really excited about the opportunity, but I was still reluctant. I saw an exotic, sunny beach scene and experienced the feeling of walking on the sand, through the clear blue surf at the edge of the ocean. I though: 'This is Jamaica' and then wondered where else I might opt to travel to, considering both Fiji and Hawaii. I then thought that travelling to a different far-flung international destination each week would be sure to give you terrible jet-lag and exhaustion!

TIME: 15:00 - 19:00 hours (this dream took place during an afternoon nap and I awoke from it, so it possibly occurred in the second hour of this short sleep)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note.

  • The Hive looked different from usual (F - Form).
  • Changes in colour of my clothing (A - Action/F - Form)
  • AKB looked different from real-life and I assumed she had 'Photoshopped' herself - this is impossible (IA - Inner Awareness/ F - Form/ A - Action/ C - Context).

Recurrent Dream Themes:

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day of this dream I had watched several food-related programmes on TV.
  • An hour or so before this dream I saw a number of males dressed in military/army/camouflage uniforms getting into a minibus just outside the rear exit from The Hive on my university campus.
  • The day before this dream I had been discussing my idea to re-start another (post-hardcore/screamo) band.
  • The day before this dream I had been told by DL that I was singing off-key (I am a terrible singer).
  • NB and I are both in the process of being appraised for work. NB used to live with another female colleague and they had a very acrimonious and difficult relationship, which NB disclosed to me. 
  • A few days before this dream DL asked me what traits I would give myself if I was a character on The Sims. I had jokingly said 'charismatic'. One of my colleagues also told me that I had nothing to worry about in relation to my forthcoming work appraisal as I am 'popular' with my boss.
  • I own a pair of royal blue socks with white frills on them. On the day I bought these, I also bought a pair of purple woollen tights, but I could not wear them as they would not pull up over my butt!
  • I was considering applying for a job, but had reservations about it.
  • DL and I recently had a conversation about where we would travel to if we have unlimited choices/resources.
  • The day of this dream I had told DL that my ex-boyfriend had been to Hawaii and had travelled extensively.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I awoke from this dream thinking how vivid it was as well as how obviously influenced by recent events (day residue) it had been. For some reason, the idea of travelling to a different exotic destination each week (as part of the International Electrical Engineer) made me feel empty and apathetic and I awoke thinking that this would be a terrible job for me to apply for, despite the very obvious perks and benefits!

* I think I have forgotten some aspects of this dream, but if I recall them later, I will record them below.

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