Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dream 414

'The Complex Dream Continuity One'
Dream date: 18 April 2015
This dream was not a lucid dream, but it represented a significant increase in my ability to 'hack' my dreams. 

  • Original Dream:
I was a female character (so my 'dream ego' was that of a different person). I came from a middle-class family and all I know (because I did not look in a mirror during the dream) was that I was white and possibly only a teenager, or at least much younger than I am now. I had three friends - two male and one female dream character. We lived in a rural or suburban area in the UK, although I am not sure where it was. We lived in a row of neat, square houses (all pretty much identical from the exterior, it seemed) with some concrete at the front and grass behind. I think the houses were detached. The scene was very 'picture-perfect' and quaint. The colour of the sky was a vibrant blue. Across the road from the houses was a vividly green, grassy field. When I looked at the row of houses from the field, I was reminded of the mobile classrooms (green) which used to be positioned in a line in our high school playground. There were no gardens or anything else separating the houses from the roadside. I lived in one of the end houses. I have tried to find images online which remind me of the row of houses I saw in my dream.

There was an unseen, unarticulated horror casting a threat over my friends and I. I wasn't sure what it was when I woke up from the dream, but whilst in the dream, we seemed to understand the nature of the terror without actually discussing it. We walked down to the last house in the row and went inside. In this house (which was sparsely furnished, but looked like a normal, yet messy, family home with a dirty pink carpet), the female dream character friend was killed somehow - or met some other nasty end. We knew the house was intrinsically 'evil' in nature. It was a house of horrors. I knew that the house was occupied by a psychopath of some kind and that in order to avenge our fiend's demise, we had to kill him, although we could also just leave the house and avoid confronting him. Everything seemed confused and scary. The two males and I left.

I then went back to my own home and met my mother and younger sister. My mum (a dream character) was reprimanding me for being out without her permission and was trying to stop me having so much freedom, but I knew I had to go out again and try and kill the as-yet-unseen psychopath in the house at the other end of the street. My mum was serving us cake at a dining-table in a very nice, clean, middle-class kitchen. 

I re-joined my two male friends and we went back to the house on the end of the row. There were strange objects (I cannot recall what they were) littering the pink carpet in the lounge, which you entered directly via the front door (see diagram, below). A male entered the lounge by coming down the stairs. He looked like a normal young (white, light-brown/ginger-haired) male dream character (so a similar age to myself and my friends in the dream). I realised I had a knife with me, so we backed towards the front door, and as the male dream character (enemy) approached me, I lashed out at him, stabbing him forcefully in the neck. My two friends and I left the house in a hurry, aware the police would soon arrive. As soon as we got onto the grass across the road from the houses, I realised I had left my purse behind in the house and this had my ID in it. This was actually my real-life purse, which is a white and silver fake snakeskin design. I knew I had to go back into the house to get my purse, or I would be suspected for the murder. My two male friends were telling me that the enemy male we murdered was an evil person and deserved to die, so the police would not care.

I woke up in real-life, but I thought that I wanted to return to this dream.

  • Dream Re-entry #1:
I found myself back in the dream. I was not lucid. I was in the kitchen scene again with my mum and sister. Instead of having a conversation with them, I left the house, and joined my two male friends. We went to the evil house on the end and repeated the knife scene. When we were back on the grassy field opposite the houses, I realised I had left my purse again and I knew that I should just go back and get it straightaway, but I woke up again.

While awake, I thought to myself, that if I am able to re-enter this dream for a second time, I need to make sure that I have my purse with me at all times. I fell back asleep.

I re-entered the dream in the house. I checked that my purse was in my pocket (I would never carry my purse in my pocket normally). I did the stabbing of the enemy dream character and then became aware that the greater (still unseen) evil was lurking in the house, ready to attack us, so I indicated to my two male friends that it was vital that we leave immediately before we were apprehended. We ran over to the grassy field and then I woke up again.

  • Dream Re-entry #2:
I went back to sleep, and I re-entered the dream in a completely new (earlier) scene. I was in a public washroom/bathroom, which closely resembled that of Nando's in Norwich (in the dream), although the layout of the bathroom was completely different. There were sinks adjacent to the door/toilet cubicles, instead of opposite the toilets. The enemy male was in the bathroom with me, but I did not feel any fear towards him, as when he was not in the evil house, there was no threat. We started talking to each other by the sinks. I noticed he was wearing a white T-shirt. I started to like him very much - to the extent that I was really sorry that in the 'future' I would have to stab him in the neck and kill him. I realised that he wasn't evil, he just lived in an evil house with a threatening entity. While we were standing talking, one of my male friends came out of a toilet stall, shocked to see that I was conversing with our 'enemy'. I tried to tell my male friend that our 'enemy' was not actually evil and that we shouldn't kill him, but my friend told me that I was 'brainwashed' and left the bathroom in a bad mood with me. I promised the 'enemy male' that I would ensure his life was saved. I was starting to really feel attracted to him in a physical and mental way. I woke up.
  • Dream Re-entry #3:
I went back into the dream and found myself and my two male friends standing outside the 'evil' house at the end of the row. We entered, and saw the same scene as previously described. The 'enemy' male entered the lounge and I found that I did have a knife, but didn't want to use it to stab him in the neck. Instead, I picked up a white, plastic object from the carpet (I am not sure what it was) - with the thought that this was the soul of our murdered female friend and if I managed to take it out of the house then she would be saved or vindicated in some way. I told my male friends that we had to leave the house. The male friend who had been in the bathroom with me (and the 'enemy' male) was screaming: 'Kill him! Kill him!' but I was resistant and demanded that we leave. At the doorway of the house, I embraced the 'enemy' male passionately, pleased that I had not killed him. I woke up.
  • Dream Re-entry #4:
I re-entered the dream back in my own house, in the kitchen with my mum and sister. I left the house and went (alone) and stood on the grassy field opposite the 'evil' house. There was no sign of anyone around, and it was dusk as the light was dimming and a deep blue colour. I decided to go and find the 'enemy' male in the public bathroom. I woke up. 

TIME: 04:00 - 12:00 hours
LUCIDITY: Not proper lucidity - on some level I must have been somewhat lucid, as each time I re-entered this continuous dream, I made new choices. These choices were not made by me being conscously aware in the dream, but by my waking thoughts and responses being filtered into the dream narrative. I may have been pre-lucid
SPECIAL NOTES: 30 minutes of unsuccessful WILD Technique practice before sleep. I gave up because I could not get to the hypnagogia/sleep paralysis stage

  • I was a different person with a different set of family circumstances in the dream (IA - Inner Awareness/C - Context)
  • The evil 'house of horrors' (C - Context)
  • I had to kill someone (A - Action/C - Context)
  • The entire concept of re-entering a situation at a different point in time to change the course of events is impossible (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action/C - Context)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Trespassing in someone else's propertty
  • Having a younger sister
  • Public washrooms/toilets and bathrooms

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • A short while before this dream, I had been refused sale of alcohol in a local shop because I did not have any ID to prove I was old enough to buy it.
  • A short while before this dream I had a conversation in which I mentioned my 'favourite' UK serial killers, Fred and Rosemary West who resided at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, known in the media as 'the House of Horrors'.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

I awoke from this dream feeling really positive, as this - although not a lucid dream - was a completely 'hacked' dream experience which represented my abilities to manipulate my dream content. Despite the feelings of terror and fear within this dream, I actually enjoyed the dream immensely and am excited to try this technique again, although I am slightly worried that it was just a chance occurrence as it happened out of the blue.

* I think I have recalled the majority - if not all - of this dream, which was very vivid.

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