Saturday, 15 June 2019

Dream 991

'New York with Madonna'
Date: 3 June 2019
Day 30 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Unsuccessful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: 'New York' - Day
I was in the back of a black taxi cab and I wondered if I was Madonna. Throughout the dream, it was unclear whether I was Madonna, or just knew her. At some points, I knew I was me - with my own real life experiences. This dream was like a tour around a city where I was planning to live. In the dream, I thought the city was 'New York'. I saw a number of buildings with graffiti, some skyscrapers, a bridge over some water, some residential streets - and a row of 'Georgian houses' (English-style), which had a lot of graffiti on them. I thought: 'I can't move here, because AJR can't get a visa'. I think I thought this while standing on the bridge over a big expanse of water. The entire dream seemed to be in black and white or greyscale - or at least the locations I looked at were. I felt very happy in this city/New York. The tour around the city seemed to last for a very long time, but there is nothing else I can really describe here, so I cannot do this very enjoyable dream justice in a written record.

Additional Notes:
  • This is Day 30 of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (click on this title link to read my introductory post and see my accompanying Youtube video, below)
  • A week or so before this dream I had taken part in a pub quiz with my friend SF and her son - one of the questions asked which American city Madonna was born in, and New York was one of the options

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