Saturday, 22 June 2019

Love on Lockdown Series | A Very Candid Insight into Tallulah La Ghash

I'm writing this post to let you know about a new series I am running on my Youtube channel, Tallulah La Ghash. I have provisionally entitled it Love on Lockdown. It documents my relationship with AJR - mainly in the form of retrospective Storytimes, in chronological or thematic order. Obviously, my relationship and various changes in my life influence my dreams and self astronomically, so it makes sense to share more, and offer more candid insight into myself as a person, and my private life. I try to balance being genuine and open with guarding certain 'sensitive' or confidential information, but due to me simultaneously uploading quite explicit videos on my Youtube channel, I felt it was only appropriate to take the same approach to my Blog, as both platforms are of equal importance to me. In fact, if I was given the ultimatum of only being able to continue with one of them, I would choose this Blog, as I feel this has been my most cherished pastime, regardless of how successful it is. 

Given the extraordinary, phenomenal circumstances of my relationship with AJR, which changed my life in a plethora of ways, I felt it might be a story my audience (on whatever platform), might be interested to engage with. In any event, I wanted to create a memento to my relationship, regardless of whether anyone else enjoys the narrative and the ongoing adventure-slash-journey. I suppose I could have written a private journal, or kept the videos I record private, but I really do think some people may be interested in hearing our story and joining it as new chapters unfold. And since I already had my subconscious (and often conscious) thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods etcs documented here, on the internet, it seemed logical to use this Blog as another way of sharing. I really hope you approach our story with an open heart and mind and try not to be critical or judgemental until you have heard all facts. Remember, you can always ask me anything at all, if you have any questions whatsoever - I am more than happy to answer them, perhaps in a dedicated Youtube video on my channel, posted here as well, for my readers. 

I am linking all relevant posts and videos down here, so you can catch up on the story so far!

STORYTIME: I DREAMED OF THE FUTURE LOVE OF MY LIFE, MANY YEARS AGO (EVIDENCE PROVIDED!) - a Blog post explaining a potentially precognitive dream I had about AJR during a period of 11 years where we had no contact. Also explains how I tried to use 'The Force' to communicate with AJR during a mini 'breakup'.

Dream 70 - the 'precognitive dream' from 2012, in which AJR randomly appeared.

Lucid Dream Phenomena: Telepathic Boyfriend? - a Blog post detailing a weird (paranormal?) incident in which I was asking AJR some questions based on one of my Youtube subscriber's comments, revealing an inexplicable (psychic?) incident occurring!

Dream 998 - 'My Dream Town Becomes Victorian' (20 June 2019) - a Blog post recording a recent dream, which featured my 'Dream Town' - I link it here, because I refer to 'Sudsbury' or Sudbury, the supposed name of my 'Dream Town', which just so happens to be  nearest town (Sudbury) to where AJR will live with his family - this recurrent 'Sudsbury/Sudbury' reference was always a mystery which perplexed me, so it is interesting to find out AJR will be living in an area with the same name. This Dream Record links all posts relevant to the phenomena of my Dream Town and every time it has appeared in my dreams since I've been writing this Blog, so it is worth checking out, as I will do a full analysis of all of those dreams in due course. 

The following Youtube videos are as follows:
  1. Storytime (No#1) | I Dreamed of the Future Love of My Life, Many Years Ago
  2. Lucid Dream Phenomena | Telepathic Boyfriend?
  3. Love on Lockdown | How I Met my Incarcerated Boyfriend (Storytime #1)

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