Saturday, 22 June 2019

Dream 997

'Au Naturel Facials'
Date: 19 June 2019
Scene 1: My Bedroom, Norwich - Time Unknown
I was in my bedroom in my flat in Norwich, on my landline phone to AJR - I assume (because it wasn't clear in the dream), that he was in still in prison. AJR was telling me how he was going to give me what I will refer to here as an 'au naturel facial' (bukake) and I had a visual image of him doing so, with myself in third-person perspective as if I was watching a sextape of us. The 'facial' element (ejaculation) was like a firework or explosion of white, which covered the entire image I was seeing. It seemed much more like sparks of light rather than fluids. I cannot recall anything else about this dream scene. 

Scene 2: A Seaside Location - Day
I was then by the seaside - although I am not sure of the precise location, as it looked both familiar in a very general way, and not specific enough to say whether it was definitely somewhere I recall from real life. I think it may be a composite of a number of familiar places. It was a very grey day and the sky was overcast. At some point in the dream I was disappointed to find that it was raining - the raindrops seemed to cling onto me in a weird way - they looked like pearls stuck on my clothing. All I can recall is that I was wearing a blue jacket. I was aware that I was late for something, and I could not be bothered to do whatever it was (I cannot recall what it was) that I had been asked/ordered to do - it seemed like a chore, and I would have to leave the seaside to do whatever it was. I am not sure who I was with in this dream scene, as I cannot recall the details, but I think there were other people present and I think they were known to me, at least in the dream. 

Scene 3: A Secondhand Vintage Clothing Store, Anglia Square, Norwich - Evening
I was then in Anglia Square, Norwich. It wasn't exactly as it is now - although it hasn't changed too much from the period I am recalling in the dream, which was the 1990s, when I was a young teenager and used to visit the city to go shopping with friends, or hang out at the local skatepark. I was outside a shop which no longer exists, but which we used to visit regularly in the 1990s. It was a vintage clothing store which had a great selection of leather and faux fur jackets which my friend and I used to browse and sometimes buy (as I recall, this shop was quite expensive - I remember buying a long sheepskin coat and a purple leather jacket). In the dream I was very certain that this was the shop I remember from my youth, although my waking self would be unable to remember exactly where in Anglia Square it was, other than which side of the road it was on. It was evening - late afternoon - as the sky was darkening. There were pedestrians on the street. There was a dream character with me - it may have been my friend SVF, who used to come shopping with me during my teenage years, but I cannot remember. I looked at the outside of the shop, knowing that it was soon closing for the day. There was a very splintered and battered looking noticeboard on the shopfront and this had very old, peeling posters/flyers on it. I was looking at these, but I cannot recall exactly what I saw on the posters. I got the impression that I did not live in Norwich - which makes me think this was definitely a throwback to a teenage memory, or at least influenced by this period of my life. 

Scene 3: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was with AJR and we were trying to choose puppies from a home shopping channel on TV (they were all brown and white, breed unknown, but they looked like fluffy teddy bears). The TV show advertising the puppies was shot from above a circular pen within which the puppies were running round in circles, all in the same direction - counter clockwise. They appeared to be running slowly. AJR said that we should buy 'the sinister one' and I knew which one he meant (although all the puppies looked the same). I agreed with him. I then saw an image of a large cartoon bat hanging from the ceiling - it was as if I saw this as a picture, it wasn't in the room where AJR and I were. The bat was about 3 foot long and instead of hanging upside down, like a regular bat, it was suspended by it's head (I am not sure how) so it was the 'correct' way up. I knew this was 'the puppy', but it did not seem odd to me at all.

Additional Notes:
  • AJR and I always discuss sexual acts while talking on the phone
  • I feel that the secondhand vintage clothing shop may have been on Magdalen Street, Norwich - which I would normally refer to as 'Anglia Square' (see Google Maps image, below)
  • I have a vague memory of talking about dogs/puppies with AJR quite recently
  • A few weeks ago I joked to AJR that my Facebook friends give my photos hundreds of likes, but as soon as I posted a photoshopped image of me and him together, it only go 11 likes, because people did not like seeing us together as a couple. I then joked that an image of a giant bat I had posted on my Facebook, just prior to the photo with AJR, had got more likes than his

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