Sunday, 16 June 2019

Dream 995

'Smashing Skyscrapers'
Date: 14 June 2019
Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
There was some action at the start of the dream which I have forgotten. I do recall that this dream appeared to have a logical and continuing narrative running through it and I remember that the dream characters which appeared later (My Mum and Nan) appeared in the earlier part of the dream I have forgotten. 

I was playing a videogame - it appeared that I was playing it in some kind of interior, because the light was a very bright artificial orange colour. I think other dream characters were present, but I was concentrating on playing the game. It was a platform game, where I was a male character, wearing a white and blue armoured suit and helmet. The game simply involved progressing through the level and killing or avoiding enemies. It was a very typical kind of game - and the graphics and gameplay indicated that it could even be a 1990s game, as it did not appear very modern. The controller was like a Playstation controller.

On the screen, I could see some skyscrapers. I did a combination of moves on the controller, but I was just really button-bashing as I did not know the special moves. I managed to accidentally make my character transform into a huge white and blue machine/robot - the mechanical version of my character, and about 10 times bigger. Performing this special move meant that I could smash through the skyscrapers and every enemy in the vicinity with ease. I then spent time trying to figure out what combination of moves I had made on the controller to perform this trick. 

Scene 2: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
This scene seemed to continue for ages and have a feeling of uncertainty and frustration attached to it, but I cannot really recall much of the detail. I was with my Mum and Nan and we were discussing my employment. I was employed by my current law firm, but I wanted to return to another law firm I had previously worked in as well and do both jobs. I was discussing this with my Mum and Nan, who appeared to have some inside knowledge of the firm. It appeared that the law firm I wanted to return to was (in the dream) connected somehow to the former hotel and pub my Mum used to manage - The Two Lifeboats Hotel. In the dream I was saying that I had done a recent shift there - washing dishes - and everything had gone well, which should go in my favour for being re-employed. My Mum and Nan were doubtful as to whether I should - or would be able to - return, which confused me as I felt over-qualified. I then became aware I was able to return to my former law firm, and my job would be 'printer' - basically someone responsible for printing documents. I knew I was far too qualified for this job and my current job was far better, but I was adamant that I wanted to go back and work as a 'printer'.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • A couple of days before this dream I had been getting frustrated trying to print/scan and copy legal documents in the library 

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