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Dream 996

'Solving the Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Case'
Date: 15 June 2019
Scene 1: A Domestic Interior - Day
I was sitting in an armchair in a domestic interior, which was my home in the dream, but unfamiliar in real life. My Stepdad was at home, somewhere in the background. I was playing with a very basic Nokia 'burner' phone. I had to do something - a favour for AJR - using this mobile phone and the internet (I cannot recall what I was trying to do), and in my mind, this involved using a landline phone, which had a flip screen which showed the dialled/calling number digitally on the top of the phone. This phone and a TV was in front of me on a cabinet. The room was light, so I assume it was daytime. However, there was a stale or sort of airless quality about the room. I knelt down on the floor and tried to use the landline phone to connect to the internet. I was talking to the landline as if it was 'Siri' - and something flashed on the digital display. The phone then said in a sarcastic (male) voice: 'No internet accessible!' This annoyed me. I realised I would not be able to perform this task. 

Scene 2: The Ramsey House, Boulder, Colorado - Time Unknown
I was then in the Ramsey house - the family of murdered child, Jonbenet Ramsey 1990 - 1996. Jonbenet Ramsey was still alive, but I did not see her in the dream - instead I saw her parents and brother Burke Ramsey. Jonbenet Ramsey was asleep in her bedroom. The house had a weird blue-tinged light to it, which I often see in my dreams when in interior locations. 

I was aware - although not lucid - that Jonbenet Ramsey would die - it wasn't as if I was predicting the future in the dream narrative, or able to differentiate the dream reality from real life (and therefore likely attain lucidity or semi-lucidity), but rather that I illogically accepted that Jonbenet Ramsey was currently alive, but I knew she would die and that her murder would remain unsolved. I even knew that there were documentaries made about her, which I had watched. Within the dream, this knowledge seemed completely normal and I did not question anything! I did however recognise the necessity of identifying Jonbenet Ramsey's murderer - it just seemed normal that I would try and do this, it didn't seem like a big deal within the dream. No-one else seemed to know that Jonbenet Ramsey would be murdered - or if they did, they did not seem to care. Everyone was walking around and chatting in a very casual way. I was aware that it was just before Christmas (so very close to the time - 26/12/1996 - when Jonbenet Ramsey would be murdered). Mrs Ramsey was wearing a navy blue top and heavy makeup. Mr Ramsey was wearing a light pink shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a white apron on. Burke Ramsey was running around and being loud and 'hyperactive'. There were other dream characters in the kitchen and I was aware that this was a cocktail party and I personally knew the Ramseys as friends. At no point in this dream scene did I think that the Ramsey family members were responsible for the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey.

* I normally leave additional notes until the end of the dream, but in the interests of writing an accurate dream report, for ease, I include this bit here, as it is relevant to the dream sequence I describe next. I have been fascinated by the Jonbenet Ramsey murder, as I am a criminal lawyer and I like true crime. I do therefore have a decent knowledge of events, in general - but due to not having watched a variety of documentaries about the Jonbenet Ramsey case, I have to rely on the angle those I have seen adopt in describing events. I have watched 2 documentaries on Jonbenet Ramsey: The Case of Jonbenet Ramsey (2016); and Jonbenet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery (2016). I fell asleep during 'part 1' of Jonbenet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery, quite early into the 40-something minute video. Th last thing I remember being conscious enough to take in discussion of the ransom note. Having watched 'part 2' after waking up from this dream, I can confirm that the male character I refer to in the dream as 'Uncle Giant' is based on a suspect (Bill McReynolds) who is only mentioned in 'part 2' which I had not watched prior to sleep. Before watching 'Part 2', I had the notion that 'Uncle Giant' related to Fleet White, a best friend of the Ramseys. However, given 'Uncle Giant' was known to dress up as Santa Claus - this must mean he is more likely based on Bill McReynolds, a neighbour of the Ramseys, who did dress up as Santa Claus. I have never consciously recalled this suspect before - the The Case of Jonbenet Ramsey documentary focussed on reconstructing events and using new forensic and scientific analysis to reevaluate the crime and argue for Burke Ramsey being the murderer, which I thought was a pretty compelling argument. At the point I fell asleep watching 'part 1', there had been no mention of any suspects, and the first to be mentioned (as I subsequently found out) would be Jonbenet Ramsey's parents. I therefore have no idea where my suspicion that Bill McReynolds 'a family friend of the Ramseys who played at being Santa Claus' was the murderer actually came from! If you asked me now, in real life who I think murdered Jonbenet Ramsey, I would say that Burke Ramsey has the strongest case made out against him in the limited amount of documentaries I have watched, but ultimately I have no firm or solid opinion.

Scene 2: A Caravan - Day
I was in a caravan or motorhome with the Ramseys and some of their friends. We were going off on holiday to a festival somewhere - the weather seemed to be sunny from what I recall seeing through the windows. I remember there was a lot of countryside and at times it felt like we were travelling along on a train track.There was quite a large living space - much bigger on the inside than you would think possible of a real life caravan, which was square. There were rooms leading off from this area - which again would be impossible for a real life caravan. Jonbenet Ramsey was sleeping in one of the bedrooms which led off from the living area. Mr and Mrs Ramsey were in the front, driver and passenger seat, respectively. Some dream characters - the Ramseys friends - were in the living area with me. I am not sure where Burke Ramsey was. There was a table, around which a number of dream characters were sat. I was just randomly talking about how I wanted to start belly-dancing again and thought I would be able to pick it up again easily as I have practiced it for a number of years.

There was an older white man with a big white beard. I knew that he was the local 'Santa Claus' for Christmas and his name was 'Uncle Giant'. This was how other dream characters referred to him. He did look a little like Santa Claus, although his white beard was shorter and more stubbly in parts. He was wearing an apron with blood on it, and I thought: 'he is a butcher' - this was his usual line of work. Under the apron, he had normal clothes, which I cannot remember. He wore glasses. He was playing a game with 2 dice, which involved him juggling them around in his hands and then performing a twisting/throwing action which made the dice lose their cube shape and become jagged and star-shaped. There were some small children (at least 1 boy and 1 girl, both of whom were between the ages of 4 - 7 years and had light coloured hair) watching Uncle Giant and everyone seemed to like him. On the floor there was a small TV which was turned on. I was watching this TV and the programme being shown was about crabs. I was interested in this. I then became suddenly aware Uncle Giant was the murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey and that he was a paedophile. I started saying to everyone: 'Uncle Giant is a paedophile!' but no-one would believe me. I said to the group: 'He shouldn't be allowed to play dice with his grandchildren'. Again, no-one seemed to care. I shouted towards the driver's seat to Mr Ramsey, telling him Uncle Giant was the murderer of Jonbenet Ramsey, and warned him that the Ramsey family would be blamed if they didn't take action now (it seemed like I wasn't attempting to stop the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey - this was inevitable in the dream; my motivation was to solve the murder case). Mr Ramsey turned to me and his face had clown makeup on it, but very badly applied. It looked like it was melting off which made me think he was sweaty. He was not wearing a clown costume or a wig however. He had a very smug look on his face, almost a smirk. He told me there was nothing to worry about. I was frustrated and angry. Mr Ramsey then drove over a fox on the road, which caused the caravan to jump forward suddenly causing everyone to be jolted. Mr Ramsey stopped the caravan and he must have got out, because there were double doors at the back which he opened up and looked in to the living area where the dream characters and I were - Uncle Giant still playing cards with the children. I saw it was now nighttime as the sky was dark and starry - there seemed to be more stars than possible. Mr Ramsey did not have the clown makeup on now. He told us all that the fox was actually a wolf. This made me feel - vindicated? proven correct? I am not sure how to describe the feeling I had when he said this.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • I was watching a true crime documentary on the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey as I was falling asleep
  • The day before this dream I received a phone call from a prison friend of AJR, asking me to help him get in touch with AJR
  • On the night of this dream I had been listening to recordings of Blue Jam, the radio show by Chris Morris. Chris Morris is responsible for one of my other favourite shows - Brass Eye. The special episode no.7 is called Paedogeddon (2001) and is themed around the moral panic surrounding child sex offenders in the media/public. In one scene, DJ and celebrity, Doctor Neil Fox is tricked into making a promotional campaign piece for an ani-paedophilia organisation during which he states that paedophiles have more genetically in common with crabs than human-beings
  • A couple of days before this dream I had seen a clip of Youtube Mukbanger Veronica Wang eating large crab claws

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