Sunday, 16 June 2019

Dream 992

'Day at the Seaside'
Date: 5 June 2019
Scene 1: A 'Casino' - Day
I was with my Mum and various other members of my family - I remember HM being present amongst others. I had wandered off from my family, who were nearby, but I was alone. I was aware we were on some kind of holiday together and had visited a city - I could remember walking through an airport terminal earlier, but I think this memory (rather than my experience of the actual action) existed in the dream, as I cannot recall doing this, just thinking about it. The city was beside a beach and I am not sure where we were, but it felt like we were still in the UK. Next the airport and the beach was a casino, which is where we were. The casino had either open walls, or large windows which looked out onto the ocean. Outside it was grey and slightly rainy and the sea looked rough and grey. I walked around the casino, which resembled a pub more than a casino. 

Scene 2: The Seafront - Day
I was then outside, standing under some kind of grey concrete overpass. To my left there was the ocean. I was walking along a quite narrow concrete walkway, which had the overpass above it, and a slope of concrete to my right. The sea still looked grey. The tide was in, as there was no visible beach. I cannot recall what happened while I was outside. 

Scene 3: A Secondhand Bookshop - Day
I then found myself in a secondhand bookshop, browsing books, but I cannot recall anything else about this scene, or this dream generally.

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