Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dream 164

Dream date: 14th May 2013

I was in a strange town which was unrecognisable. It was made up of lots of narrow, dark streets and it was night. I walked down a dark alleyway towards a public toilet - this was a small, square, brick building. Inside the public toilet was a familiar-looking male - tall with dark hair, but I could not recognise exactly who he was. I just realised that I knew him. We were going to smoke cannabis in the public toilet. The male left and I awaited his return before lighting the joint that was in my hand. There was no door to the toilet - I noticed this while being left alone inside. It just had a door-shaped opening at the front. I now noticed a second male - tall and thin and also dark-haired. He did not look particularly different from the first male who I was acquainted with within the dream. I then was able to see the interior of the toilets and myself and the second male from a third-person perspective as if watching movie footage of the action. There was some form of physical assault between us. The scene then changed and I was out in the streets again, but this time it was daylight and there were a lot of shoppers and passersby on the streets. I could see tall buildings, like skyscrapers. I saw the second male standing in the doorway of one of these buildings and noticed that he had a large, very square gold front tooth.Noticing this sparked a 'memory' and I remembered that in the public toilet he had bitten my right middle finger. There was some pain in this finger and I looked down to see that there was a scar. I was then in a clinic of some sort, talking to a female. I said: "I've been raped". My finger was still sore. The female told me I had to report the rape. I was then on a residential street, which I did not recognise. My mum told me that we had to go somewhere and that it was my fault we were late. She phoned for a taxi, and when it turned up, it was actually an ambulance. It was raining and I could see steep, grassy banks at the side of the road. We stopped at some traffic lights and my view was through the windscreen of the ambulance. I realised that my mum was no longer in the vehicle with me and I told the driver we had to go back and collect her. The scene changed again and I was in my nan's back garden. PS was there, telling me about some twin sisters. He had a telephone conversation with someone. When he finished, he told me that one of the twin sisters had died. He showed me some photographs on his phone - I was being critical about them. The girl in the photo had mid-brown hair and was wearing white mittens. PS was very upset. I asked him if the dead twin was his girlfriend and he said she was. I continued to criticise her in a nasty way, being very vindictive. I saw the sin shining brightly on some flowers. 

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