Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 168

Dream date: 20th May 2013

I was driving a black, trashed car. In real-life I cannot drive, and it was the same in the dream. I kept crashing into barriers and walls and I was unable to park the car either. I was near a very steep ledge/drop and feared that I would accidentally drive over the edge. Two unfamiliar people were trying to push the car, and I saw this in the third person perspective. It was a hot sunny day and I could see sunbeams reflecting off the metal of the car and myself in the driver's seat. My stepdad approached and said: "Brixton has been destroyed!" I then saw a video of flooding with lots of rubbish floating in the water. It looked like a giant moat around the city of London. My stepdad and I were then in a restaurant. EB was in there, with an older man. Both my table and EB's table were asking the waiter to bring the bills. Our bill came and it was the wrong one. It was for £13. EB and I compared our bills, which were handwritten (very badly) in thick black marker pen. The scene changed and it was day. I saw an unfamiliar man washing the outside of a sky blue camper van, which had a skull logo and "Sinn Fein" written on the side. I was then in a dark room inside a nightclub - it seemed to be the VIP section. It was a long room with sofas around the edges. I met Andy Warhol (who remained silent) and Francis Bacon (standing in front of me, loud and friendly, praising me). I noticed that there was a large empty space in the centre of the room and I felt anxious.
Andy Warhol
Francis Bacon

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