Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 181

Dream date: 22nd October 2013

I was in a massive superstore with PS, trying to buy a 'ball catcher'. This was a plastic device which could catch a ball of any size. I was aware that I was going to be playing some form of racquet sport, hence needing the ball catcher. We were looking at several and PS found one that was very cheap. He showed me that it could catch a tennis ball, but I was arguing that the ball he was demonstrating this with was not actually a tennis ball. We walked around the store for a while (there were lots of toys in this shop) and then went to the checkout. At the tills, there was a short, bald Eastern European man who was having some form of mental breakdown. He was screaming and threatening suicide (standing at the front of his queue). I felt alarmed. I was then in another shop - this time it seemed to be a supermarket. I was standing in a queue for the till again, when I saw the same Eastern European man. He was again, screaming at the cashier and threatening suicide. I went to the staffroom of the supermarket, which was located directly behind me. I called 999 and asked to be connected to an ambulance. The operator put the ambulance driver on the phone and I started to tell him that there was a suicidal person in the shop who needed medical assistance. The ambulance driver on the other end of the line was really incompetent and kept asking me lots of silly questions and saying he would be there in 15 minutes, then saying he could not come at all. I was getting frustrated. Then my mum's friend RT (who is the mother of one of my own friends) and another person entered the staffroom.They were aware that I was calling an ambulance for the Eastern European man and started accusing me of doing the wrong thing. They were shouting at me in an angry way and telling me I should not have called an ambulance. RT told me that the Eastern European man had calmed down and said he was fine. I then told her and the other person (unknown) that I was trained in recognising problems and had followed the right procedure. I then told them about the earlier incident at the checkout in the superstore when I had been paying for my ball catcher. I told them these were not the actions of a person who was 'fine' and it was clear he needed professional help. RT and the other person then started crying and apologising to me, telling me that I had done the right thing. I was still holding the telephone, and decided to hang up on the incompetent ambulance driver. The scene changed and I found that I was with RT's daughter NN, sitting on a  grassy plateau, high above Sheringham town. This plateau was surrounded by houses and we could look out for miles around us at countryside and trees and red brick buildings. It was a hot sunny day and we were eating a picnic. The birds were singing and the people around us were coming out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine. It felt so calm and serene and I was totally happy.

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