Monday, 25 November 2013

Dream 195

Dream date: 22nd November 2013

I was working as a Legal Secretary for my former employer, MF, once again. I was aware that I had previously left this job, but had been given an opportunity to work there a second time. However, I was seated at my computer audio-typing in an outside environment, away from my colleagues. MF was seated behind me while I typed letters for his clients. He told me: "Perhaps we could arrange for you to start going to Crown Court again" - which made me feel happy. I then realised that my computer (which had originally been a desktop PC) was now a laptop, but was covered in dirt - mud. I lifted the laptop up and held it upside down to shake out the mud, feeling both confused as to how it got there and also worried. 

The scene changed and I was in an empty flat with EB. The walls were painted white and the only item of furniture which seemed to be in the room was a large wooden dining table in the centre. I was standing by the window and could see that outside it was a seaside town - although not wholly familiar. It was daytime, but not especially sunny. I was aware that EB and I were viewing the flat with the intent to find a new home to rent together - I felt very happy and optimistic about this. I walked over to the table and leant on it, in a standing position. EB was in a similar position opposite me. We started to discuss the flat and it seemed that we were definitely going to sign the lease. From the right-hand side of the room, a middle-aged male entered through the door. He was the estate agent. I said: "We'll take this one". The sun shone through the window very brightly and I felt at peace. EB was smiling at me.

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