Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 174

Dream date: 15th September 2013

I was in a strange town at night. I was aware that I had to get a smart outfit for a job interview, but there were no shops. I then found that this town was a composite of Sheringham and Norwich. The streets looked like the Riverside area of Norwich, but I was outside a pub called The Crown, which is located in Sheringham. I was anxious about not having the right outfit for the interview. I then found myself in the back of a taxi, which had some cupboards behind the back seats. I started looking through the cupboards and discovered that they were filled with my clothing. I tried to find a suitable outfit for the interview and eventually was successful. I decided to get dressed in the back of the taxi, but found the clothes and shoes I had selected were in a dirty, crumpled heap in the footwell of the taxi and I could no longer wear them. I was then outside again, still at night. I was standing by the train station, wanting someone to come and help me, but I felt stranded. 

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