Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 177

Dream date: 3oth September 2013

I was in a strange house which was very well lit. I received a message on my laptop from a person I do not know, but felt kind feelings towards. It seemed to be a foreign student. He told me that he was stranded in Scandinavia and needed to get to Norwich. I replied to him, telling I would help him. I began wandering around the strange house, trying to find someone who might be able to assist me in helping the foreign student. There seemed to be quite a few people, standing or sitting in various rooms of this house, but no-one seemed to want to help me. I sat down on the floor beside two people - I think they were both female, but I cannot recall clearly. On the floor were several hypodermic needles - syringes which had been used for injecting heroin. I felt disgusted and wanted to get away from them, but was not sure if I had accidentally touched them. I asked the two people if they had seen me touch the needles, but they were too doped up on drugs to respond to me, so I walked away. I then found myself in my kitchen in Norwich (new home!). EB was sitting at the table and I asked him if he had a new girlfriend and he said: "Yes". We were reading magazines. 

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