Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 183

Dream date: 31st October 2013

This was a horrible nightmare - perhaps not a coincidence that it occurred on Halloween night! I was going on some sort of field trip with lots of other people - former students of my old high school, although we were now all adults. The field trip involved going to an old, dark warehouse where we would be given guns to shoot zombies. I was not sure if it was a game or reality. I found myself detached from the group of students on the field trip, standing in a corridor, which appeared to be my former primary school. There were lots of people around, but none of my own group. I stood there for a moment, hoping I would spot someone. I then wandered into the warehouse. As soon as I got inside I realised I did not have a gun. On the floor was a pile of ragged old clothes, but as I approached it, I realised it was a zombie, lying in wait. It seemed to be the zombie of NW - a boy from my primary and high school. The zombie tried to attack me, and I pushed it away and started running through the dark warehouse. I came to a dead end. I sat down in the corner, against a dusty wooden wall, and loads of zombies swarmed at me from all sides. I could see their nails - which looked like long, sharp false nails worn by women, pink in colour. They started scratching at me and it was immensely painful. One of the began sexually assaulting me, scratching at my inner thighs until it reached my vagina. I thought I should give up and let the zombies kill me as I had no weapons with which to fight back. I suddenly found myself in a light room again. I checked a watch/my mobile phone (I am not sure which) and discovered it was 1:40 pm. My field trip was scheduled to start the zombie game at 2 pm. I felt anxious as I now had to re-enter the warehouse and fight the zombies again, but this time I hoped I would be given a gun. I located my group, all standing in a queue, ready to enter the warehouse and begin the zombie fight. I felt tried and worried.

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