Monday, 25 November 2013

Dream 196

Dream date: 23rd November 2013

I was in a hotel room, watching a scene up close. There was a young couple, making some kind of miniature tarts, which were placed on a metal over tray on the bed. The tarts were normal sized, with a pastry case and some red filling. The female (I could see her face - she was quite ordinary-looking, with mid-brown hair) was placing piles of frozen peas in the centre of each tart. The male (I could not see his face, only his arms) was taking some of the peas off the tarts, but his girlfriend then replaced them. I knew the tarts were sweet and was confused as to why the couple were putting frozen peas (which seemed larger than normal) on top of a dessert. This process of placing and removing the peas kept continuing, but the couple did not seem to be communicating. I was aware that the male worked in catering and knew better than his girlfriend, but I was passively watching the scene and did not say anything or interact. We were then in a different hotel room, where there was a big stainless steel industrial oven, and two men operating it. They were wearing white chef's uniforms, standing either side of the oven. They took the tray of tarts (from me?) and placed them in the oven to cook. I thought it was weird that the oven was in a hotel bedroom. I looked over to the bed - the room was brightly lit. I could see two middle-aged men seated beside one another on the bed. They were wearing white shirts. One of the men was covered in purple gunge - it was on his face and down his chest. I recognised this to be blueberry jam. I felt disgusted by what a mess he looked. I was then looking at a computer screen up close, reading a quote from someone named "Anne Banham". The quote was about 'Home' - and was accompanied by some cute pictures of a country cottage. It was all in lower case letters and I was able to notice that it was grammatically incorrect. I cannot recall if the language the quote was written in was proper English or not.

I was then being chased through the hotel, although I could not see my pursuers. I was running down the corridor, aware that I was going to be stabbed with a knife. I did not feel scared in any way - I actually felt calm and quite happy. I could see it was daylight through the windows.

I was then outside my university supermarket with my friend AK, who does the same job as me. It was night-time and raining heavily - the concrete ground was very wet. We were standing under the walkway, to shelter. I received a call on my mobile phone, from a male student in residences. They were explaining a problem to me, although I cannot recall what the nature of the problem was. I told them I was not on duty in my job in student welfare and that if they needed immediate assistance, they should call the Senior Resident who was on duty. The student was arguing with me saying: "It doesn't seem as if you care". I was trying to reassure him that I did care, but when I am not on duty I am not always immediately available to visit students in halls, although my colleague would be pleased to help in the short-term. The male student was telling me I "wasn't bothered about him" and throwing accusations at me, which made me feel slightly frustrated and angry. I ended the phone conversation and AK told me that my advice had been appropriate in the circumstances - it appeared that we were about to go out for drinks. I then wondered if I should learn German language. I had an overwhelming desire to study a new language (in real-life AK and I had been discussing language as he studies philosophy and linguistics). I then wondered if I would find it easier to learn French, as I had some basic knowledge from studying this at high school. I saw a close-up image of a piece of paper, with both German and French writing (typed) on it - I am not sure what was written on the paper as I could only recognise the specific language, not translate it. I decided it would be best to learn French.

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