Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dream Incubation Experiment #2 - Dreams 188 - 191

Regular readers of my Blog will know that a while ago I undertook a Dream Incubation Experiment (which you can read here). I did not have any success with this particular experiment as none of my dreams for that week seemed to be related in any way to the 'problem' I was hoping to resolve. I have therefore decided to conduct a second experiment with the hope of achieving better results this time.

The basic technique I will be using is the same as described in my previous Dream Incubation Experiment which can be viewed by clicking on this link. I will also be using binaural beats to enhance my possibility of achieving a good outcome. My method of using binaural beats can be found by clicking on this link.

I am adopting a slightly different approach when recording the results of this Dream Incubation Experiment - I will post the full dream record below each image of my handwritten dream journal notes rather than on a separate page, as I normally would do when recording my dreams. This will make it easier to track the experiment throughout the week, without having to click on various links and navigating to other pages.

This week my desired dream scenario/topic is: Improving my social life.

Dream Incubation Day 1 - 10th November 2013 (Dream 188)
I was in my bedroom, but it appeared to be very different from usual - although the bed was facing away from the door, which is how my bed is positioned in real-life. The light in the room was very dim and hazy. I am lying in my bed. ED entered the room - I am not sure how I saw this, as I was facing away from the door. ED was holding £350 in his hand - which I knew was intended to buy some secondhand DJ decks. ED gave me the money and got into the bed. I immediately got out of the bed and went to wash myself and change my clothes. I was actually wearing the clothes I had gone to bed in (in real-life) - a blue strapless sundress and black leggings. I changed into polka dot knickers and a yellow vest. As I entered my bedroom again I could see that ED was texting a female, named 'Lynn Sawyer' - I am not sure if he was writing messages on a laptop or a mobile phone as I could only see a screen up close. The text was about me, but it was written in a strange language, where all the words were only 3 letters long - although I could actually read it. The text from ED read: "She wore polka dot knickers and the money was down the front like a square cushion". I felt relieved that I had kept the money safe. There was a scene change and I was standing on a bridge in an urban environment. The sky was a strange luminous grey-blue and there were flashing arcs of bright light, which were beautiful, leaving me transfixed, staring up at the sky. I wondered if these arcs of light were UFOs. I was then sitting in the back of a car, driving along the urban streets, still looking at the sky. Someone said: "No, it's the army" - meaning that the army was responsible for the bright flashes of light.

In my waking-life I asked ED if he knew anyone called 'Lynn Sawyer' and he checked his Facebook, but he did not know of anyone by this name.

Dream Incubation Day 2 - 11th November 2013 (Dream 189)
I was in a hospital corridor with PS - it was a very long hallway with chairs on either side, against the wall. I was not sure who was waiting for medical treatment. I was holding a folded up newspaper. The scene then changed and I was in a hospital kitchen/canteen, where there were many other people (patients) sitting at tables. The lights in this room were very bright. Broadcaster Jeremy Paxman was present - he looked a lot older than usual. He was dressed in a bathrobe and pyjamas. He was in a bad mood and said to me: "Next time, don't put too much butter in my pasta!" I agreed I would not, but I could not remember cooking pasta for him. I was then back in the hospital corridor with PS and we were walking down the corridor towards the exit doors. I realised that PS was the patient and had received some form of medical treatment, although I was not sure what this was.

Dream Incubation Day 3 - 12th November 2013 (Dream 190)
I was with my family - my mum, my stepdad, my nan and some other my cousins, in a seaside town. It was not Sheringham, where my family home is based, but a different town altogether. We were standing in a large caged area, which had a tall chain-link fence. The weather was bright and sunny. EB was present, with his family. I have never met his parents, but they appeared in the dream. They were all on holiday also. EB had a daughter, who was approximately 3 - 4 years old and wearing a fancy party dress (light blue). She was behaving in a way I considered to be naughty as she was restless and insisting she wanted to go to the beach. I wanted to go into the town (for the shops), but due to the way everyone else was prepared to go to the beach and the fact that I felt I should cooperate as EB's daughter was a young child on holiday, I agreed we should go down onto the sand to keep her happy.

Dream Incubation Day 4 - 13th November 2013 
No dream recalled.

Dream Incubation Day 5 - 14th November 2013 (Dream 191)
This was a very long dream, but unfortunately I went downstairs before I recorded it and therefore forgot a lot of the details. I have only managed to record a very small amount of the dream. I was in a shop with my mum, which also appeared to be a canteen. There were bright lights and very long tables at which many strangers were seated. My mum and I were then watching a scene in front of us. A man with no legs was competing in some form of sport which involved throwing himself down on his belly and sliding along a wet, blue plastic sheet. We then got a close-up view of his 'legs' (he did actually have legs) - the shins were raw and bloody. My mum said: "He shouldn't do that in his condition". There was also some reference/symbol of neckties, although I cannot remember how this appeared in the dream.

Dream Incubation Days 6 & 7 - 15th & 16th November 2013
No dreams recalled.

Overall, this Dream Incubation Experiment was a little more successful than the last one - mainly because I was asking to dream about my social life and the majority of my dreams involved close friends of mine. I would need to analyse the content of these dreams further to see exactly what interpretations I can draw from them, as it is a little unclear exactly how they relate to the dream scenario/theme I was trying to incubate.

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