Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dream 199

Dream during afternoon nap
I was in a room by myself. The room was very dark, with a blue haze in the air. I am not aware of what furniture was in the room, but there was a toy trainset running in a circle around the floor. I was aware that I was supposed to be meeting PS, but that he was late. I kept trying to ring him on my mobile phone, but could not get through. I exited the room and went into the room directly next door. This happened to also be dark, but I could see it was a larger version of my bedroom at my nan's house - there was more floor space as the end of the bed was no longer near the door, but halfway down the room. PS was standing at the foot of the bed. He was masturbating and reaching orgasm. There was a small, old-fashioned television set on top of my dressing table, paying a pornographic movie. I was annoyed that PS was spending his time watching porn rather than meeting me as arranged. PS put his penis back into his underwear (he had simply undone his trousers - he was not naked). He did not seem sorry for failing to meet me. I left the room and used my mobile phone to contact ED, telling him I would be coming to visit him, to which he agreed. I went back into the first room to get ready. The trainset was still operative on the floor, but the room was no longer dark - it was completely white, with white drapes and white laundry bags lining the bed which was in the corner. 
Sarah Lucas, 4 Works: Get Off Your Horse and Drink Your Milk (1994)
Sarah Lucas, Got a Salmon on Prawn (1994)

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