Monday, 11 November 2013

Dream 187

I was in an outside setting - a beautiful garden full of leafy bushes and flowers. The sun was shining. I was sitting at a table opposite the screenwriter and actress Julia Davis (my favourite female television personality). She had some cups in front of her on the table and was showing me these strange things which were plastic (I think) bees which clipped onto the side of the cups. They opened up to reveal a folded-up skeleton in the bees' bellies. The scene then changed and I was in my house in Norwich, although it looked very different. In reality, my room is on the first floor, opposite the bathroom, and my housemate lives on the second floor. In the dream, the first floor was a long corridor, adjacent to the stairs and there were two rooms beside one another - but about six feet apart. Mine was the one closest to the top of the stairs. I had a single bed in this room - the same as I do in reality, although this dream room was much bigger. I decided to go into the room next door, which was unoccupied and take the single bed and the wooden base of the bed from there and put it together with my own to make a double bed. When I tried to do this, I got confused and I could not seem to work out how to fit the two bases of the beds next to one another and place the mattresses back on top. There seems to be a recurrent theme of unsuccessfully moving furniture in my bedroom - see Dream 186. It seemed like an impossible task (yet it should have been a simple matter of putting them next to each other). I was really struggling to do this when a middle-aged man came into my room. He told me that I had to put the second bed back in the other room as his daughter was moving in and needed her bed back. As I looked at the two beds, I realised there were in fact three - I already had two beds in my room! I took the third bed back into the room next door and found my new housemate in there, with her brother or boyfriend. They were moving her belongings into the room. The girl was young and white with curly mid-brown hair and a very round face. Her brother/boyfriend was tall with brown hair. I did not talk to either of them, but I went over to her bookshelf and started to rummage through her possessions. There were a lot of books on Marilyn Monroe (I collect Marilyn Monroe books) and I took some of them from the shelves with the intention of keeping them for myself. I looked on the bottom shelf (I was kneeling on the floor) and saw there were several books on Elvis Presley and wild flower collecting. Laying across the top of these books was a copy of Scarface (1983) - one of my favourite films, which I had spoken about to a friend earlier on the day I had this dream. There was a window next to the bookshelf - I looked out and saw that instead of the normal scene I would expect to see outside my house (i.e. university campus), it was Sheringham High Street - the same view I would see if I looked out of the window of my friend's flat (he lives in Sheringham High Street). It was a bright sunny day.  
The plastic bees were similar to this - except the opening was on the belly of the bee, instead of the back. Inside this gap was a plastic skeleton (see below) - folded up. These were clipped onto the outside of the cups Julia had in front of her on the table. She detached one from a cup to show me the skeleton inside
Julia Davis
Sheringham High Street - the general view from the window of  the new housemate's room

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