Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 175

Dream date: 17th September 2013

This was a false awakening/semi lucid dream, which was quite scary as I did not have sufficient control of the action. I woke up (false awakening) in my bed at my nan's house. There used to be a second single bed in this room, from when I shared the room with my mum. This bed was moved some time ago and in its place are boxes and bags of my clothes, shoes and books from when I moved house and needed storage. However, in this false awakening dream, the second single bed was still there, beside my own. This is how I knew I was still asleep and dreaming (hence this being a semi-lucid dream). On the second bed, there was a strange accordion-like object which was inflating and deflating and making some sort of moaning/wailing noise. It really scared me as I was not sure what this was. The room was completely dark, but moonlight or a streetlight was coming through the small gap in the curtains, illuminating the accordion. I tried to call out for someone to come into the dream to help me, but failed. My voice was audible, but no-one was coming. I then willed myself to wake up, but instead re-entered a normal dream state (although I cannot recall what happened at this point). Shortly after, I had another false awakening. I became aware I was still asleep and dreaming, because the second bed with the moaning accordion was still in the room. I felt terrified. I then heard the music from an ice cream van outside the window. I was far too frightened to get up and look out of the window at the ice cream van as I felt as if something awful might happen or I would see something even more scary if I did so. I tried to ignore the accordion, but the moaning was getting louder. Again, I tried to call out to someone to save me, but nothing happened. I assume I then went back into a normal sleep once again.

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