Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 182

Dream date: 25th October 2013

I was in a deep dark rocky cavern, watching a car crash into a wall. The car was a convertible and there were five people seated in it - a middle-aged bald man was driving. A ledge was sticking out from the side of the cavern, and as the car crashed, the heads of the people were smashed into the ledge. The bald driver was decapitated and I saw blood and brains fly everywhere. The scene then changed and I was standing on a pier, by the sea. It was daytime, but it was cold and the sky was grey. There was a massive computer screen standing on the pier, which was showing a tourist website upon which people could review hotels and travel companies. There were lots of posts by 'Alan "Whitey" Synder' who I instantly recognised as being Marilyn Monroe's long-term makeup artist and friend. I felt excited and wondered if I could get in contact with Whitey so I could interview him for my Marilyn Monroe book. I then realised that Whitey must be dead by now and this would be impossible (he in fact died in 1994). I also saw the name 'Thalia' which brought back a memory of a girl I used to attend university with (in real-life I had been telling my housemate about my former university and could not recall this girl's name). The scene changed and I was suddenly my aunty, VF. She/I was hugging my dog Kelli (now passed away) and I was aware that Kelli was dying. I felt guilty because the family were going to be eating a nice meal together and Kelli was only allowed to eat bread and water as she was unwell. I was crying uncontrollably. I then thought that if I could cry like this on demand, I should audition as an actress and use Method acting to portray such emotions. I felt optimistic and thought that some good may come from my dog's death. I woke up from this dream feeling emotional and confused.

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