Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 169

Dream date: 21st May 2013

I was standing beside a train track (daytime) with an unfamiliar male. We were going to take part in a tennis tournament. I kept looking at a digital clock, which read 08:38 am. The tennis tournament was due to start at 9 am. The male said: "We should go to work first". I was annoyed at this suggestion as there was clearly no point due to the time. I said: "There's only 20 minutes left, we won't get paid enough". I noticed that there were other persons present, in particular a jazz band. Someone volunteered to go to work with the male in my place. I was confused, as they were only due to earn 1 pence for the amount of work that could be done before the tennis tournament. This was less than the cost of the train to get to work. It was still daytime, but the sky was now very dark. I was in an unfamiliar location, but I did not observe much of the surrounding environment or many other details. My recall of this dream was poor. 

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