Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dream 165

Dream date: 15th May 2013

I was in a fancy brother/strip club. It was dark and there were some bright neon lights of all different colours. Some girls from high school were working there with me, including DB. We were employed as dancers and had to waitress - we were carrying drinks on trays. This seemed like quite a classy establishment. I was wearing a white frilly bikini. I went upstairs to a well-lit room, in which there was a double bed with a beige duvet cover. A grey-haired man was sitting on the bed, wearing a business suit. He offered me £500 to have sex with him. I sat on the end of the bed. He was sitting against the pillows at the top. The door (to the right side of the bed) opened and EB came into the room. He had £20 in his hand. I left the room with EB - we entered a small room which looked like my nan's living room, but also like a bathroom/toilet. EB told me not to have sex with the businessman. I was thinking about the £500 and was confused about the decision. I told EB that he himself was there to pay for sex with one of the girls and he told me he wasn't, saying: "No, a dance". He asked me to go with him and leave the £500. I was still confused and it seemed like I was taking ages. I went back into the bedroom and saw that there was £30 left on the bed alongside a hotel brochure. I wasn't sure if the £30 was to pay for the hotel room or a gift for me. The businessman was no longer there, but EB told me to keep the money. I could then see the footage of myself and EB in the room as if I was viewing it on CCTV. There was a scene change and I was in a long, dark room with some other people also. EB was there again, and about to leave. I asked him to stay. He was wearing bright red trousers and I sat on his lap to stop him from leaving. The scene changed again and I was in an unfamiliar house with members of my family, including my mum and stepdad. My stepdad said: "Do you want drugs - they are for women who are nine months pregnant and they have LSD in them". He showed me a box. My mum said: "You might as well try them". We were then sitting outside in my nan's front garden on a row of deckchairs, seated behind a row of beautiful flowers. It was sunny and we were all happy.

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