Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 180

Dream date: 21st October 2013

I was sitting in my nan's living room with various members of my family. Danny Dyer came in and I was aware that he was my 'new best friend' (I dislike Danny Dyer in real-life). He was leaning over, close to my face and telling me jokes which were not funny. Everyone in the room was getting bored of him. He then told me that for fun he likes to call the actors in Eastenders (Dyer is about to join the cast of the soap soon) by their character names rather than their actual names. He thought this was hilarious, but I did not find him funny at all. I then had a view of a theatre stage, upon which Steve McFadden (who plays Phil Mitchell in Eastenders) was standing, performing in a play. Dyer told me that 'Phil' was especially annoyed at being constantly referred to by his character name. My family and I just wished Dyer would leave.
Danny Dyer
Steve McFadden aka 'Phil Mitchell' in Eastenders

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