Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 170

Dream date: 2nd September 2013

I was in my nan's living room - standing by the curtains which were drawn shut. I could hear noise - as if it were coming from a mezzanine level positioned above the top of the curtain rail. It sounded like a commotion. I then had a view of what was going on above me on this upper level. Marilyn Monroe was hanging over the side of a railing. She was wearing the white halter-neck dress from The Seven Year Itch. Her eyes were closed. Someone told me: "You killed Marilyn!" I became aware that I had stabbed her with several knives and I felt very upset and angry with myself, and not sure why I would have killed my icon. I was then downstairs and leaving my nan's house - it was evening, but the lights were on. My nan was screaming obscenities at me - her face was seen in close up and she was furious. The scene changed and I found myself returning to my nan's house after spending an unrecalled period of time elsewhere. It was late at night. I went into the living room and saw CC there with another female. They were both high on drugs. CC waved my laptop at me - or at least a purple laptop (my laptop is purple). It was all scratched up and broken. CC told me there had been an accident, but she could get hold of some stolen goods and replace the laptop. Her and the other female started dancing manically around the room while I watched.
Marilyn Monroe

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