Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 166

Dream date: 16th May 2013

I was laying in a bed with an orange duvet on it. There was a massive baby laying next to me, wrapped in a red blanket. While still laying in the bed, I heard a strange noise which sounded like a mixture of whining and shrieking. To my right side, I could see a big white balloon expanding and deflating by itself. I felt scared. I went into what appeared to be my nan's bedroom, where I saw my mum and stepdad sleeping in the bed. I went into another room, this one unfamiliar. My cousin HM and her husband RM were in bed. The light was on and the bed had a polka dot duvet. The scene changed and I was in fourth room, this one unfamiliar. There was a strange long-armed male with black hair. His arms were so long and thin that I felt scared. There was a computer in the middle of the room and from the screen I could see that I had been doing some online food shopping. I then went and laid down in the bed which was in this room, against one of the walls. Whilst laying in the bed I felt the strange long-armed man hug me from behind - his grip was very tight and I felt unhappy and claustrophobic in this situation. I wanted to escape. I looked to my right side and saw two single beds. In one, my cousin HM was laying - as a small child, about 3 - 5 years approximately. She was curled up in the foetal position. EB's cat then jumped through the window onto HM's bed and HM appeared to be an adult again. There was a scene change and now my mum and I were in a large clear box with huge glass walls. Outside it was a lovely summer day. A small white figure approached the box - it looked like an Oompa Loompa, or some kind of dwarf. It started kicking the glass walls, trying to break them, but failed to do so. My mum and I laughed with relief.

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