Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 167

Dream date: 17th May 2013

I was looking at a computer screen when I was told by an unfamiliar male that EB's real name was "Frank". The scene changed and I was now looking at a maze-like spiral staircase - it was very complex and difficult to describe as it both resembled a flight of stairs and a maze at the same time. I realised I was on the UEA campus, but it looked very different from reality. I was looking for NR's room, and eventually thought I had found it, but when I climbed the stairs, I realised I was in the wrong room. I started to play chess with a Chinese girl in this room, and I told her I could not find my own room. On a desk in the Chinese girl's room were some files relating to my job as a Senior Resident. It was a beautiful hot summer day outside. The scene changed and I was in the old Waveney Terrace block (where in real-life I used to live, and work as a Resident Tutor. This block has since been demolished so new halls of residence could be built). I was in the kitchen with some other students. I could see trays of scones, covered with mashed up red fruits. I was aware that NR had made these. I started eating them. I noticed there was a lot of dirty washing up piled in the kitchen and I felt anxious. I started cleaning up. VW, an old school friend, was present in the kitchen.

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