Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dream 192

I was with ED - walking down an urban street in the daytime. I managed to walk faster than him, and left him behind. I then turned round to see where he was and managed to spot him through the crowds. He was about 50 yards behind me, with a girl I recognised as being his ex-girlfriend (made-up in the dream, I have no idea who ED's ex-girlfriend is in real-life). She was petite with blonde hair. ED and the girl were about to cross the road, but before they stepped out, ED kissed her on the lips. I turned round and continued walking. 

There was a scene change and I was now in a room - I think it was a kitchen, but it was unfamiliar and very dark in the room. There were many people in the room, I think they were ED's housemates (again, made up in the dream as I only saw them very briefly in real-life on one occasion and cannot recall them). One of the male students present was a very obese computer science student, wearing a white shirt (sleeves rolled up) and braces. On the kitchen table was a mountain of chopped fruit - all very fresh and tropical. I could see pineapple, mango, strawberries, kiwi fruit etc. However, I was only interested in drinking vodka. 

The scene changed again and I was in another room - or it may have been a pub. I was standing beside a family, but was only concentrating on one person. The family were seated at a high table (circular) on tall bar stools. I was standing beside a petite female with an angry looking face and orange coloured hair, wearing a white vest top. She and I started arguing, although I cannot recall what we were arguing about. She was shouting at me in a hostile manner. She then said: "You used to be my hairdresser!" I denied this (I have never been a hairdresser - although the evening before this dream I had attempted to dye my hair red, but it was very subtle) and I told the shouting female that she was mistaken. I then saw that one of the family members had a baby sitting on their lap.

The scene changed and I was walking up the concrete steps in the 'Square' at university. I was with a mixed-race couple and their baby. I thought that they may have been members of the family in the pub, where the argument with the orange-haired girl had taken place, but then I realised these people were not in any way connected with that group. The male was holding a baby (it appeared to be in a baby sling, but he was also holding it with his hands) and the female had a huge red and white striped umbrella, which she offered me shelter beneath as we climbed the steps. She had shoulder-length Afro hair and was very attractive. I thanked her. At the top of the steps, was a different location to that in real-life - we entered a doorway which appeared to be the front door of a residential property, and began to climb the stairs. The umbrella barely fit through the doorway and the female had to close it. She was walking ahead of me, and her partner (with the baby in the sling) was behind me. I then found myself in a very dark, cave-like room with ED. Against one of the cave walls was a wide ledge, upon which two unfamiliar white males (middle-ages) were crouching. They started to abuse me, shouting that I was a "fat slut". I started shouting back to them, saying: "You should see your fucking wife then! She's the fattest slut in the world!" Suddenly, the 'wife' of one of the men appeared beside me - I am not sure what direction she came from. She was middle-aged and fat and wearing a brown sack-cloth dress with a white apron. She had grey hair tied back in a bun and was carrying a tray of pastries. She did not say anything. I said to ED that we should leave, and noticed that I was holding the bottle of vodka from which I had been drinking earlier. I told him that we needed to fetch some mixer for the vodka.

The scene then changed and I was in a warehouse - it was quite dimly lit and was filled with stalls (like an indoor market) and crowds of people. I saw a young female who had a deep cut beside her right eye. I was aware that she had received the cut from a lady running one of the stalls. I approached this stall with both the girl with the cut eye and ED by my side. The woman running this stall (I am not sure what was being sold, but there were many items - all white - piled up on the surface) was small and wizened, but quite young. She had blonde hair and big earrings. I would estimate that she was about 30 years old, but she looked very old at the same time. I told her that she should pay compensation to the girl with the cut eye. The woman running the stall said she would pay her £1. I said this was not enough for the injury. The stall-holder then offered £2, but again I said this was not enough. I tried to say: "She could sue you for a thousand pounds", but instead of saying "thousand" I accidentally said "hundred". The stall-holder lifted a huge device - it was orange and square shaped and made of metal. She placed it on the cut-eyed girl's shoulder and pressed a button, which made the girl shudder. I tried to walk away, but she did the same to me. As soon as the device touched my shoulder, I felt an intense electric shock pulsate through my body. I was then uncontrollably shaking and fell to the floor. I was dragged along the concrete floor by some invisible force. I was aware that the stall-holder with the device was making this happen. I was helpless, shouting at ED and another unfamiliar male he was standing with to come to help me. They - and a group of other persons - all rushed over to help me. I was laying in a crumpled heap against the wooden wall of the indoor market. The stall-holder jumped on top of me, intending to assault/attack me, but was pulled off by ED and other persons who had come to my assistance. Before she was removed from on top of me, she managed to bite my right forefinger, really hard, causing me pain and teeth-marks, which I stood and stared at for a moment after the incident. I was standing outside the indoor market, in a bright pasture, with ED,who had a bottle of lemonade. 

The scene then changed again and I was in a brightly-lit interior scene, but ED was no longer present. I saw Michael Moon from Eastenders (played by Steve John Shepherd) standing in the corner. In the dream, he was 'Michael Moon' not the actor who plays him. I approached Michael Moon - I was aware he was leaving to go somewhere (he was murdered by stab-wound in a recent episode of Eastenders) and I was very upset. I was crying and clinging onto his arm, begging him not to leave. Michael Moon was acting very cold and telling me that I would not change his mind. We were then both in an outside location - it was night-time. Michael Moon and I were preparing to visit a nightclub. He was sitting on a waist-high brick wall and I was standing beside him. There were a couple of other persons also standing around nearby. A strange man approached us. He was small, with dark hair and a moustache/stubble, wearing a checked shirt and jeans. He said: "Let's play a game". I was aware that something bad was going to happen and told Michael Moon we should leave immediately, but he said he wanted to play the game. The small man in the checked shirt had something in his hand which looked like a pen  - I would describe it as similar to an insulin pen for diabetics to inject themselves with, and orange. The man was so short, he barely reached Michael Moon's knee from where he was standing beside me on the pavement. He leaned over to where Michael Moon was sitting on the wall and stabbed him twice - once in the left thigh and once in the stomach. I knew Michael Moon was going to die and began screaming. I woke up.
Steve John Shepherd aka 'Michael Moon' in Eastenders
Chopped fresh tropical fruit
Insulin pen for diabetics

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