Monday, 11 November 2013

Dream 186

Dream date: 8th November 2013

I was on a stage in front of an audience. The lights were quite dim and the stage was large - I think I was in an auditorium. I was staring out at the audience from the edge of the stage. Next to me was Courtney Love, about to perform a solo set. She was wearing a white dress and white high heeled shoes. She was shouting something out to the audience, who were throwing pieces of screwed up paper onto the stage and shouting back to her in a hostile manner. I thought: "She's a has-been". I was then in a room which was supposedly my bedroom, but it looked very different to my actual room. It was well-lit and the furniture was of the same type as I have in my room, but the shape of the room and the lay-out were not. I was trying to move the furniture around in the room - it was really hard because the items, such as the bed and desk and cupboards, were really large and heavy and I was having to drag them across the floor. Every time I had almost got the item of furniture into the location I wanted it, I would find a small bald man in the exact place I intended to put it, preventing me from moving the item there. There seemed to be several of these small bald men, or perhaps just one, who could teleport or move very quickly without me seeing him do so. I kept turning around trying to see where he was going so I could choose where best to place the furniture. I was getting really frustrated and the room was becoming a mess because the items of furniture were stacking up in the middle of the room and crowding it. I wanted to place the furniture around the edges of the room, against the walls, but this was where the small bald man kept moving to. I cannot really recall much else about his appearance. I did say something to him - I cannot recall what, but I was expressing my annoyance. I am not sure if he responded to me. The scene then changed and I was in another location, but I was not sure where - I could see myself in the third person. I was drinking something which was a coffee and a glass of wine simultaneously - I cannot describe what this means, other than it was one drink, but both coffee and wine at the same time. I was dancing wildly with a group of Indian men wearing black suits and bowties. 

The day before I had this dream I watched a documentary about Courtney Love called Courtney Love: Behind the Music (2010).
Courtney Love

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