Friday, 29 November 2013

Dream 200

It was night-time. I was the owner of a house, which I could see in front of me - it was a square cottage, with a white interior and large windows which allowed me to look into the property. However, the cottage was the size of a large doll's house from the position I was looking at it. I think it was actually a normal sized house, but the scale was different. I was in a forest, in a clearing, surrounded by trees. There were other people with me, but I did not see exactly who they were. I was telling them that I was finding a tenant for my cottage, and then suddenly, I was aware that the house was occupied by a person - I could see them moving inside the property, through the window. I told my unknown companions: "It's the gingerbread witch" (I assume I meant the witch from the Brothers Grimm Hansel and Gretel fairytale). I could only see the bottom of her skirt, which was flowing and pale pink through the window - she was seated at a table and I knew she was drinking a cup of tea. I felt anxious, because I did not want to lease the cottage to a witch. I thought I should leave the forest before she noticed me outside.

The scene changed and I was in a dark room of another house, talking to PS. I was telling him I wanted to travel around London on the Tube. I had decided a couple of locations I wished to visit - one was Highgate and the other was a random town in West London, which in the dream I was familiar with (it seemed like a very pleasant, enjoyable place to visit in my 'dream memory') but which I cannot identify or name. I was standing beside a noticeboard, marking down the places I intended to visit, but PS did not seem keen. I then went outside the house, where there was a table in the corner, adjacent to the wall, and gravel on the ground. I noted that it was night-time still. My mum was there. After standing outside for a few moments, I began to feel panicked and anxious and was crying and screaming, although I do not know why. My mum grabbed me, and took me back inside the house. My aunt, CJ, was standing beside the noticeboard. She was talking about her daughter, my cousin, CAJ. I was still in a state of panic, and my aunt said: "She's gone psychotic!" I was then asked by my mum and aunt whether I had left anything outside on the gravel. I went back outside to check and found huge screwed up balls of used tissue, which I brought back inside and put in the dustbin. I was aware my mum and aunt were organising a barbecue. I was keen to go and undertake my travels around London, particularly the visit to the unnamed town which I 'remembered' had nice trees and lots of interesting buildings and thrift shops.

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