Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 184

Dream date: 2nd November 2013

This was another nightmare. I was in a house - I am not sure where exactly, but it felt familiar and my family were there. I had been receiving mail which included badly drawn (very childlike) pictures of me laying horizontal across the middle of the page. Above the drawing of me was a drawing of a crocodile, and the at the bottom of the page was the word 'TOMORROW'. I had a flashback, which informed me that these pictures were being sent by a person currently in a mental institution (a female whom I am unable to identify, but knew in the dream). This person had razor-sharp metal teeth (like the crocodile in the drawing, which was intended to represent this crocodile woman). The pictures were a threat that the person (crocodile woman) was shortly about to be released from the mental institution ('tomorrow'?) and would be coming after me to kill me with the sharp teeth - i.e. bite me to death and eat me. I felt very scared and wanted to formulate a plan to escape this imminent death. I then became aware via text message that BT, a girl from my university, had been in the mental hospital with the crocodile woman and it was she who had told that person how to find me (i.e. disclosed my address). BT had herself been released from the mental institution and was on her way to find me so she could report back to crocodile woman. I text BT telling her (falsely) that I now lived in Wroxham, in an attempt to throw her off my trail. I then travelled to Wroxham to see if my plan worked. It was night time and I was standing outside a house which had open curtains and all the lights on inside. I could see BT through the window and hear her telephone conversation (she was using a mobile). She was telling the crocodile woman that I did not live in Wroxham - my plan had been foiled! I then returned to my nan's house, in terror, wondering what else I could do to escape BT and the crocodile woman. It was daylight and I was standing on the frontdoor step. I noticed that I was holding a piece of paper. It was another childish drawing of myself, with the crocodile on top of me and the word 'TOMORROW' across the bottom. I felt helpless and panicked.

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