Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dream 193

I saw a desk in front of me, made of dark wood. I could not see anything else at all. I heard a strange disconnected voice say: "It flies on wings". I then saw a mobile phone, which seemed to have wings attached to it, floating in the air in front of my face. I said: "No, it's a Samsung mobile". 

The scene changed. I was in a weird house which seemed to be made up of many different levels, all existing on the same level. I am not sure how to describe this - it seemed like the floor was made up of lots of square blocks of varying heights (some white with black polka dots, others in different colours and some plain white) which were all on the same level so you could walk across them without climbing, but could see that they were uneven as you looked at them. I was with an unfamiliar group of people whom I perceived to be part of the same family, although their individual characteristics are indistinct and unrecalled. I remember that some were male and some were female. The lights were bright in this strange house, and the only furniture was pushed up right against the walls, which again, were made of different sized boxes, which protruded from the walls at different angles. I stepped outside the house - I could see that there was a transparent glass door with wire, and lots of fir trees surrounding the house. I then became aware of one of the persons - a young adult male, who can only be described as white with mid-brown hair, of average height and build. I was aware that he had some kind of problem - but I could not tell if he was a criminal or mentally ill. Someone else then told me that he was "a mix of mad and bad" and that he had inherited these traits from his father. I then became aware that I had a qualification in Genetics, and I started to explain how some personality traits are hereditary, by drawing a picture - but this simply showed a stick figure man and woman with a child underneath and arrows showing the transmission of genes from the parents to the offspring. Basically, my theory was that each person has six character traits, three inherited from the father and three from the mother. The genetic disorder of the male (mad/bad) was that he had inherited all of his genetic traits from his father and none from his mother. This meant that his personality was conflicted and totally wrong/abnormal. He was both insane and evil as well as possessing four other traits which I cannot recall. I then walked back into the house and went into a pure white room where the male was standing. I noticed that attached to his chest was a massive speech bubble, made of solid material. It seemed to be both blue and brown at the same time (I could not make this colour on Paint, so I have used a different colour to illustrate). Engraved on the speech bubble was a list of his six character traits. Suddenly everything seemed to make sense to me. 
Human DNA

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