Friday, 29 November 2013

Dream 201

Dream during afternoon nap

This was the longest and strangest dream I have had in a long time. It was very vivid and the scenes kept interchanging, but I could make out a narrative nonetheless. I woke up in a really good mood and felt happy that I had experienced such a dream. Before I went to sleep, I saw this picture, of a baby squirrel which had been found in a bag of mulch by a man, who then cared for it and posted the images of its development on the internet site Reddit. The story was reported in the news and a friend of mine posted it on Facebook. At the time I saw the photo of the baby animal, I did not know it was a squirrel and I did not click on the link or read the story. I only did so now, while writing up my dream, so I could retrieve the picture. 
Baby squirrel found in a bag of mulch
In my dream I started off in a house which was unfamiliar, and it was night-time. I was standing outside in a courtyard garden, which was typical - with some usual garden items laying around and a tall wooden fence separating it from the neighbours' gardens. I was with a male - who I thought was PS - but who may not have been. He was telling me about an animal he had saved - he said it was a hare. He said: "The mother 'fronted' and I found it had give birth to this hare, so I raised it". The hare was huge - about the size of a Labrador dog, and grey in colour. It's head did not look particularly like a rabbit/hare - more like a strange deformed kangaroo, and it sat back on it's hind legs, which did resemble those of an over-seized rabbit. It bounced about on it's hind legs, as a kangaroo would. It had very sharp teeth, but when it took my finger in its mouth, it just chewed gently. I spent some time in the garden with the male and the hare, playing with it. I was then in my nan's house, sitting halfway up her stairs in the hall, while she made a telephone call to someone. It was still night-time. My nan was saying: "It's a dog!" referring to the hare. I was interrupting her, saying: "No, it was a hare!" My nan ignored me and said: "It was a sheep, it was a horse". I said: "No, it did not have hooves, it had the feet of a rabbit". 

The scene changed and I was walking down the top end of York Street in Norwich, where I used to live. However, it also seemed like it was the upper part of Pine Grove, Sheringham - where my former childhood home used to be. It was like the roads were merged now. It was daytime. I saw a car, with the boot open. Inside were lots of long black metal items - all identical and brand new in boxes.  I am not sure what they were, but I helped myself to two of them and continued walking, with the intention of going home. 

The scene changed and I was outside my nan's house in Sheringham - it was still daylight. I was watching this scene in the third person. Louis Walsh got out of a car which had pulled up outside the house. The front door was open for him. He sprinted up the path, and entered the house, with me following him. Inside the house, the interior was very different - it was no longer my nan's house, but instead some form of children's home/orphanage. Louis was supposed to have brought some sweets for the children (who were not present), but had forgotten. I saw a big box of chocolates on a table - the box was cardboard and the chocolates were wrapped in shiny colourful foil, but were extra large - each about the size of a family-sized bar of chocolate, but different shapes. I heard a disconnected voice say: "Louis Walsh is Phil Mitchell! He's Alfie Moon! He's Ian Beale!" (these are all characters from Eastenders). I got the impression that Louis Walsh was going to be replacing the actor Adam Woodyatt who plays Ian Beale. Louis Walsh was walking around the dining room of the orphanage, looking confused. He was wearing a white T-shirt.

The scene changed again and I was in the Student Union Bar at university, on the sofas in front of the window in the Red Bar. It appeared to be exactly as it would be in real-life. I was sitting with a group of people I did not know, and I was bored by them. On the table next to us was another group of people, including one male who had black hair and black stubble on his chin. He was wearing a grey Nike tracksuit (my favourite outfit for a male) and bare feet. He had headphones in. He went to the bar and ordered something - he had his right foot lifted up and placed on the bar. The group of people at my table left and I felt relieved that they were gone. Then I saw the group of people at the male's table had also left. He said: "Thank god for that, now I can buy salad". I said: "What's your name?" and he told me "Nick". He said I could join him, as we were both alone. I went to the bar because I wanted to buy some cigarettes. I bought some of the Rothman's brand - but I was unhappy as I actually wanted  rolling tobacco, which they did not stock. I wondered how to get rid of the cigarettes as I knew I would not want to smoke them. 

I was then in a strange bedroom, which was well-lit - I was with PS. It was 'our' room, but it did not really resemble the real room we used to share. I was sitting on the bed, and he was adjacent to me, with his back to me, using a computer. He said: "I left my lighter with MS, so I need to borrow some off you". I said: "Some lighters?" and he said: "No, some money". I asked him what he meant, because I assumed he would just need another lighter, which I would be able to give him. He was getting annoyed by my confusion over his simple request and said: "Look I need £3.50 so we can move house". I said I would give him the money, but wondered why he had mentioned lighters in the first place if he wanted cash. I started looking at a TV guide magazine. I was able to tell that it was Saturday night, by reading the date at the top of the page I was on. There was a picture printed in the middle of one of the listings - of a painted countryside scene with a cottage and flowers and children looking jolly. The caption said that it related to a movie adaptation of the BBC children's high school-based programme Grange Hill (where many Eastenders actors started their career). The caption said: "Shows such as [then listed a range of programmes set in schools, which I cannot recall] and Madison Square [I think I made this one up in the dream] do not have to worry about following in the wake of this less than formidable movie". I thought that the movie must be rubbish and started looking at other TV shows listed in the magazine. There was one, scheduled for 6:25 am - there was no title or caption given, but it caught my interest and I felt annoyed that it was going to be shown at this inconvenient time. The picture was a cartoon drawing, in black, white and sepia tones. It showed a cavern with a river flowing through it, and some industrial elements. There was a big sailing vessel in the centre of the image, and in the forefront (left) there was a stack of boxes, each with an evil clown doll inside. In the foreground (right) there was a female in a flowing dress, chained to the wall of the cavern (standing on a ledge, so she was not in the water, which appeared to be 'choppy'). Behind her, half-blended into the wall, was a full-sized clown - looking as if it was waiting to take her by surprise. I wanted to find out more about this TV show, so I decided to find the listing from the previous week to see if it gave me more information. I thought to myself: 'I bet the TV guide starts on Sunday, not Saturday...' but as I flipped to the front of the magazine, I saw that there was a listings page for the previous Saturday. The same cartoon show had an entry which spread over two pages - from the bottom of one page, to the top of the second page (which I saw when I turned the page). I saw another image from the cavern scene - instead of boxes of small evil clowns in the right foreground, there was a stack of skulls. The woman was no longer chained to the cavern wall, and the sailing vessel was closer to the foreground of the image - I could see there were people depicted - men on some sort of mission. The show was called: "Intergalactic" and described as a 'horror'. I looked in a hand mirror which I found beside me on the bed. It was a magnifying mirror. I looked the same as I do in real-life, but I noticed I had wrinkles by the side of my eyes (crow's feet) which are not really there. I put the mirror down, then raised it again to check my reflection. This time, I saw there was bright blue paint on the centre of my face, with a slightly darker blue/high saturation of paint on my nose. I wondered how it had got there. 

The scene changed again, and I was in another strange house - it was night-time and the lights were on it the house. The staircase was bare, unsanded wood, with visible splinters - leading down to a lounge, where there was an old red and white striped sofa, at the foot of the stairs, against the wall. You could then walk a few steps and go through to a kitchen area - the wall was knocked through and had not been rebuilt, The house looked a mess, but quite homely. Louis Walsh was there - I was watching the scene without any form of interaction. I followed Louis Walsh down the stairs (I did not see anything of the upper floor of this house, as the scene started when we were already halfway down the stairs and could see the ground floor). Louis Walsh - as Ian Beale - was on the phone to the producers of Eastenders who were also the police at the same time. They were questioning him over a text he had sent to Hetti Bywayer - who plays Ian Beale's teenage daughter, Lucy Beale in Eastenders. The police were asking him why he had not forwarded them a copy of the text (it appeared that they were investigating him for sexual abuse/incest or suchlike). Louis/Ian was explaining that he thought that when he text Hetti/Lucy, he was 'acting' - he said: "But on the show, when someone texts another character, the recipient receives a text straight-away. I thought I was meant to text her in character so she would receive the text in the scene" - he was basically trying to say that the text had been sent as part of the scene they were both acting in, and not as a personal text to Hetti, the actress. The police told him he was going to be arrested for his inappropriate behaviour. Louis was pacing the kitchen, looking very anxious.
A March Hare
Rothman's cigarettes
Evil Clown - 'Pennywise' from Stephen King's IT (1990)
Louis Walsh
Adam Woodyatt & Hetti Bywater aka 'Ian & Lucy Beale' in Eastenders

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