Monday, 25 November 2013

Dream 197

I was in America - with JC (a Facebook friend and artist from America). We were getting off a school bus (a typical yellow one, as seen on TV shows depicting US schools). It was afternoon and nearly dark. JC said we should go into the school warehouse - it may have been the janitor's shed - it was a large wooden outhouse building. Inside, was some kind of open-top vehicle - like an motorised lawnmower or golf buggy. JC decided to climb on top of it. I was standing, watching him, with my back against the wall. Suddenly, the police entered - a male and a female police officer (my boy cousin, who also has the initials 'JC' had posted on Facebook - just before I fell asleep for this afternoon nap when the dream occurred - that he had some involvement with the police today following an incident where he confronted some bullies).The male went to JC and made him get off the vehicle. The female approached me. I tried to remain calm and friendly as I had not done anything wrong, other than going into the shed, unauthorised (i.e. trespassing). The police officer seemed to accept that I had not done anything very illegal. She said to me that she just needed to arrest me so she could question me about JC. I said: "No comment". She advised me that I was going to be arrested anyway. I said: "I will not snitch on anyone - no comment". I then put my hands in my pocket. She asked me what I was doing. I said I was going to get a cigarette to smoke and showed her that I was holding a lighter. Suddenly, the female and another police officer who came from nowhere, were conducting a search of my outer layers. I said: "You will find nothing on me, I haven't done anything wrong". They found nothing during the search, but they put handcuffs on me - to the front. The female officer led me out to the police car. I told her I was waiting for a CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau check - for employment purposes. I am in fact waiting for my certificate to arrive in real-life and received an email from my employer today informing me I should have it, but it has not yet arrived, causing me some anxiety, although I know it will be 'clean'). The officer told me that I would be found guilty of a criminal offence, but I could just declare it. I said: "Is in an indictable offence?" to which she replied "No, it's unlawful access". I asked her if this was the same as trespass, and she agreed it was. The police car was parked by some trees on a street beside the school. It was now pitch black night. I stepped away from the police car and now found the handcuffs were no longer on my wrists. The female police officer then 'ran herself over' - I cannot explain how this happened - only that she made her car jerk forward and strike her, causing her to fall to the ground injured. I was aware she was trying to 'stitch me up'. She laid on the floor, and shouted: "You assaulted me!" I felt very concerned and started to run away. I kept turning down as many streets as I could, hoping no-one would know which direction I was running in. I could hear police sirens in the distance. After some time I stopped on a residential street. I entered a small hut-like house - the door just opened. There was a cupboard under the stairs in a well-lit, but unoccupied room. I hid in the cupboard, listening to police sirens. I decided the best thing to do would be to return to the UK. I wondered if I would be stopped at the airport - as there would most likely be a warrant for my arrest. I decided that I should travel with a misspelled last name, and used a biro to change the spelling of my name on my passport. I thought this may let me travel undetected. I was then back in the UK - in my nan's house, with various members of my family. My uncle, GC (my cousin JC's dad, who had told him not to worry about the police when he posted the status on Facebook earlier in real-life) was present. He said: "They can't extradite you from here". I felt slightly relieved and asked if I now had a criminal record. GC said: "They haven't tried you. You aren't guilty". I felt even more calm and happy. I then found out (I am not sure how) that JC (my American Facebook friend) had been tried, but found not guilty because he had blamed the whole incident on me. I felt betrayed and angry. On the living-room table was a cake, decorated with huge red words, reading "Guilty". I was then standing outside in the sunshine with my family, asking if it was likely I could be extradited to America to be tried for the assault on the female police officer. They were trying to convince me it would be fine, but I did not feel reassured anymore.

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