Friday, 8 November 2013

Dream 173

Dream date: 11th September 2013

I was in a strange house with EB. I became aware that he was living with an old man who was a paedophile. I was begging EB to leave the paedophile's house, but he seemed happy to live there with him. I thought the old man might be abusing EB in some way. The old man came into the room. We were standing at a breakfast bar on which there was a pint glass filled with crabs. We were using bits of Blu Tack to kill the crabs in the glass. I then found myself in the centre of the room with EB, who was dressed in Victorian-style clothing. I was pulling him by the hand, trying to get him to leave, but he said the paedophile had three nice dogs and that is why he wanted to stay living with him. I saw the three dogs - one was a Doberman Pincer breed and the other two were Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I went to the front of the house, which was an Indian restaurant, managed by the paedophile's son. There were people seated at small round tables. In the centre of the tables were small umbrella shaped objects, with very orange curry pouring down them. This was the way the food was served in the restaurant, which was quite dark. I could see a doorway with a light on in the room - this was the kitchen. I stared at the curry umbrellas and felt confused. 

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